SportCity in Earth2 - PART 3

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SportCity in Earth2 - PART 3

It’s quite some time ago since I’ve been writing about Earth2, so maybe you’d like a recap to the first two blogs blog about it, which you can find here and here.

If you prefer to continue to read here and read the first blog later, Earth2 is a Metaverse like Decentraland and Next Earth where we buy virutal land in “tiles”, which are pieces of land of about 10x10m. The difference with the both other Metaverses in my opinion is that Earth2 has got a lot more potential since there doesn’t seem to be a lot of hurry to launch the token and new features. Like this new technologies can be implemente don the go and we’re not getting stuck with an old platform where only are happening things that are happening already everywhere else. This slow progress is at the same time the downside of the game / investment: there isn’t happening a lot. Or should I say there wasn’t happening a lot?

In my next blog I’ll speak about what has been happening since last year and what is about to come, but first I’d like to show the evolution of Sport City, compared to when I wrote my first blog about Earth 2.

Actually it filled up very soon after publication since State 1 (a so called Megacity, meaning it has been built or it will be build – depending on how much imagination one has got – like a city but not necesarily at the place where a city is located in real life) was very active at the time. The (Italian) guys behind the projects are real Metaverse believers, and because of the slow progress in Eart2 they’ve started their own Metaverse as a side Project. Things are moving faster there, yes indeed, but I think they already faced the difficulties of building a Metaverse and especially the difficulties to keep on generating a continuous income for development and at the same time offering something in return for people who pay a lot of money to be in. Plus the huge challenge to cater for the masses which they undoubtly need to make this project a success. I think here they’re making a mistake: Asking (lots) of money for everything they do and not giving anything touchable in return (yet) keeps the masses away. This together with the poor (not really internationally focused) communication is one of the reasons because I believe this Project is not really going to take off like they’ve been expecting and promising.

This is different at Earth2. They’re also on a lot of things which aren’t showing results yet, like epl’s (some kind of URL’s) and resources (which still cannot be collected, elaborated and stored) but already from the beginning there is the Land Income Tax (some kind of pyramid system which lets benefit early investors, even if it’s only cents) and jewels spawned on properties. These jewels will have continuously more utility and might enter in a burning mechanism, but one can also craft and sell them (money to use in the game or to cash out). This brings about 0,80 USD /day if I’d choose for this option, which is not that bad as an extra at the moment that this jewel price is low because utility is still low as well. Apart from this there are as well possbilities for more reative people, who want to build Holobuildings and sell them to other users.

But back to SportCity, the reason of this blog from today. I know it looks like the community I’ve been starting now more than a year ago is dead… This is very unfortunate, but the reason is that I don’t have enough time to write a lot of articles myself and maybe the base here on Hive isn’t big enough to keep most of communities thriving. I hope that’ll change quickly and I hope among the people here in the gaming community are some people which like sports and get motivated to write something about it as well. Since I’m travelling alone for a couple of days, I’ll try to write a few blogs myself which I’ll be finishing and posting in the next weeks in order to try to get some continuity. Don’t forget that SportCity has got a Discord where all ideas are welcome as well. I’d like to use the Discord being a discussion platform and a bridge between Earth2 and Hive.


I'm still wondering if i will get my money from earth2 out on day

Aren't we all?... !LOL
I guess we will if we want. I'll tell you why. If I'd be selling all my jewels at 0,08 USD, I'd make 64 cts daily, hence in 3 years I'd have my money out of it only on selling jewels. This seems a long time, but anyway we're over 2 years in it now... When I consider that I've sold 2x Red Energy for a 750 plot, and earned about 120 USD with this, I'd need 5-6 Red Energy -like actions like this to get my money out. There's LIT, there's flipping of land and there are the EPL's coming, not to mention the essence (especially when they start burning) and we still keep our lands...
I was writing "if we want" because I'm on of these "dumbasses" who reinvested everything rather than take my inlay out and play with play money.... I'm doing that because I still want to buy extra plots to get a stronger position in the game... Time will show if that is a good or a bad strategy...

What's your profile name in Earth2?
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my profile name on is Tx24b

Never saw you around in Discord Groups I'm following, but I'm glad to see there are people (at least 1 !LOL) around here which are in Earth2 as well.... Do you know of more Hivers who are in Earth2 as well? !LUV

no saddly i don't know more player

Maybe one or the other will read the blogs and respond on them...Slowly slowly we'll build the bridges... !LUV

By the way, I hope to review and post my next blog on Earth2 tonight. I'll have to look to post it in a different community or with other tags, 'cause this article hasn't been a big success :-(
So if you'd have any suggestions, please let me know !PIZZA

you could maybe use Community : Leofinance
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I think the blog text is good, the pictures as well and I've used most of your tags... Now I'll boost and promote it for a week, so let's see if this gets some more traction !WEED

As a matter of fact, since it's about how to make money from Earth2, it fits perfectly in Leofinance !LOL

ok, thanks. I'll give it a shot! Worse than this one is hardly possible... !LOL!

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Long game.... !LUV !LOLZ

And considering that after 2 years we still don't have a real game... !LOL !LUV !PIZZA


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