Game Review 03: ROBOT Street War

in Hive Gaming2 years ago

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ROBOT Street War is introducing so many action and new environment, so get ready for this new action game 2020 and enjoy this entire fighting game from start to end.

Cruel fighters of this gaming fight your way and beat every player in this tournament one after another. The fighting techniques are really nice. people who like to fight in real life they will find that faced of demo fighting practices.. bla..bla..

This new fighting game 2020 is related to incredible war where the selected fighter hits, punch and kick to the enemies.

You know that I am playing different types of games and giving review 3speak channel with short video.

This time I find very nice experience. You can apply various moves, techniques, kicks, punches and multiple combos in this fighters game.

The only bitter experience was a lot of advertise. I stopped playing due to a lot of advertise to unlock each 11 minutes to watch the videos. It's really boring and time-consuming for me.

But considering the free version of this game and other facilities I will rating this game 4/5.

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