Announcing the TSTournament: Part of the 2021 Gods Unchained Community Tour


We're excited to announce the fourth installment of the TSTournament, hosted by TeamStreamTeam and sponsored by Immutable, Community Gaming,, and this wonderful HIVE Gaming Community!

Featuring a $1200+ Prize Pool, including prizes for viewers and non-participants in the TST Discord channel!

1.) Join the tournament at

2.) Then join the official TST Discord Server. Once you've completed the verification CAPTCHA, head over to the #check-in channel and react to the Check-In post in order to receive the "TSTourney" role. We'll be coordinating matches in the #matchmaking channel and assisting players. DM @cautionfun#3236, @bonk#5058, @themudman#8377, or @freedan#8628 if you have any questions.

3.) Lastly, head to your Account Settings and add your Discord username (eg. @PlayerName#1234) in the 'Platform Links' tab.

If you fail to complete any of the above steps by 9/11 at 6pm EDT, you will be removed from the tournament bracket and replaced with a waitlisted participant.


  • Each round is Best-of-3.
  • Must win with TWO different Gods per round.
  • Single Elimination Bracket.
  • Banned Cards: Shieldbearer, Lost in the Depths, Pyramid Warden, Enduring Shield, Wildfire, Neferu Champion of Death, and Demogorgon.
  • Banned God Powers: Onslaught.


  • Round One: 9/12 at 6pm EDT - 9/15 at 6pm EDT
  • Round Two: 9/15 at 6pm EDT - 9/18 at 6pm EDT
  • Round Three: 9/18 at 6pm EDT - 9/20 at 6pm EDT
  • Round Four: 9/20 at 6pm EDT - 9/22 at 6pm EDT
  • Round Five: 9/22 at 6pm EDT - 9/24 at 6pm EDT
  • Quarter Finals, Semi Finals, and Finals: 9/25-9/26

$1000 PRIZE POOL Top 8 Payout

  • 1st: $300 in $ETH
  • 2nd: $200 in $ETH
  • 3rd: $100 in $MATIC
  • 4th: $100 in $MATIC
  • 5 - 8th: Each receive $75 in $MATIC

Join the TST discord server at If you’re looking for game tips, want to theory-craft and brew up some new player-friendly deck lists, or just want to hang out with a wonderful group of experienced players and streamers, please feel free to stop by!