Days Gone: Skizzo's Plan Of Betrayel!

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Well Hello There Fellow Gamers And Hivers!

In the last episode of Days Gone Deacon had to deal with some more very emotional shit that is tied to Boozer I mean all of this is expected since the man lost his arm and the ordeal he had to go through before losing the arm. The man must be hella tired for everything! Now this episode will delve into more of the developments around Boozer.

I don't think Deacon realized yet as to how much all of this is affecting him in truth! Unknowingly he is just sailing past everything but sooner or later everyone cracks right!

Boozer Isn't Doing All That Great!

Now as always and more so of lately Boozer has been my top priority, I had to make sure the man was doing fine.

I found him at The Lost Lake's farming fields, and however much I wish I could say that it was a pleasant visit it really wasn't! The man it beaten and broken! He alive but now he needs a reason to live!

He barely looked at me when I came to visit and he only said one sentence to me, basically telling me to get out of there!

Something isn't right! I should keep an eye on the man!

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After considering what I went through to get to Boozer and see how he is doing!

The man is sure as hell not in a right place!

And here is good old Deacon taking the hits left and right, if not from Boozer then from a pack of zomboid wolves and if not zomboid wolves it's those drifters hiding away at the gas stations hoping on some weak and desperate person to terrorize!

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If There Is Ever Anything That Is Always The Key It Would Be To Shoot Your Way Out Of A Situation!

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The Business With Skizzo.

After the visit to Boozer over at the farming fields I returned back to Lost Lake to run a few runs and get back out on the road again.

Turns out Iron Mike needed me and I'll be there when the old man has need of me.

The only problem now was that Skizzo still has no trust in me, even after I took the fall for him on breaking the treaty with the Rippers! I still need to get rid of those bushtards!

Pleasantries aside we really needed to go get those explosives out of those mines and start sealing off most of the tunnels leading into the Lost Lake valley.

Will Skizzo comply to working with me?

Screenshot 2023-11-24 185802.png

In truth Skizzo had absolutely no choice but to comply!

We raced to the mines location, or rather he raced I simply enjoyed the ride as we went!

The parted out motorcycles still lay on the ground rusting away, which means some scavengers definitely came through the area. The scavs weren't my problem though it was these damned wights or whatever they're called again!

I decided to eradicate them straight away!

Screenshot 2023-11-24 191842.png

Well We Found Whoever Skizzo Left Behind!

Screenshot 2023-11-24 201930.png

That's When Things Turned Schetchy And Creepy.

We found one of the rooms that is suppose to hold some TNT but the safe was empty so we had to make our way to a difference storage room and see if there is even any left in this mine.

On our way out and back into the tunnels, we noticed that the flares were moved, we made a sort of a bread crumb trail with the flares for us to follow back but now they've been moved? Who, what, how and when?

Schetchy shit!

Well who it was did show itself! It lunged on my back and grabbed the keys, why do they always grab the keys? He didn't make it very far before I caught up to it and stomped its head in!

Screenshot 2023-11-24 202758.png

Not On Equal Terms.

Well, by the sound of things Skizzo want's the old man Iron Mike out of the equation!

Now this is something, I did speak to Iron Mike about this and from what Iron Mike said he knows about it! But I don't think he really knows about it, not in the way Skizzo means things!

This is where me and Skizzo's paths split up for real, I won't have any of this back stabbing scoundrel plays that Skizzo has planned for the camp.

Screenshot 2023-11-24 203214.png

Remember To Keep On Gaming Like You've Only Got One Life Left!


Dated 24/11/2023

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Skizzo reminds me of that one kid in highschool who sold weed once and thinks that makes them gangster xD

Oddly enough that's pretty much his back story according to Deacon.

Hahahaha 😂😂😂 I feel the same about Skizzo 😂😂 like he's a kiddo in a man's body! Nah I don't like the character... But I have a feeling that Deacon is going to beat his ass real soon!! 😂😂😂


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