Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The Tomb Of Eilram.

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Well Hello There Fellow Gamers And Hivers!

Before I jump into this post I have to be brutally honest here today! Laughs. I'm not going to write up something heavy today. It's been one hell of a warm day and believe it or not it's almost eight o clock here and I can still cook an egg outside in the shade!

Also I do want the content to be more video focused, but then again most people don't have the time or money for data to sit through the entire episode. But as soon as this heat wave that is pounding me dissipates I will put in the effort I always do.

A Little Re-run.

Since I just jumped out of the game the previous episode (Of which I am very glad I did! I would not have had it in me to finish this tomb in one go) I did have to rerun a small part of the area outside of the tomb itself.

Not much though.

Screenshot 2023-11-27 194440.png

A Maze Of Mazes.

I expected as much!

What else would you expect from a game that is very similar to Tomb Raider in terms of moving around!

I had to go through a tedious amount of puzzles mazes and overall stuff that I had to figure out and play with until I found a solution, this was not easy at all!

The exiting was much harder I'd say! Laughs I wonder how many people never got out of this cave, at-least without the help of Google! I was THIS close to using Google myself!

Screenshot 2023-11-27 194806.png

Some Of These Puzzels Really Gave Me Head Scratches!

Screenshot 2023-11-27 195037.png

Protectors Of Ancient!

As I started to navigate my way into the tunnel I was met with some of the fauna of this planet, nothing that I couldn't handle but at first I thought that would be my biggest threat in this tomb.

I was mistaken!

There was these metal robots of some kind that fought with some kind of energy, it was tough and it did a lot of damage! Especially those kicks and jabbs it gave!

Screenshot 2023-11-27 195758.png

I Had To Fight Quite A Few Of Those.

Screenshot 2023-11-27 200052.png

It Never Ends!

This Tomb Of Eilram really kept me going! I was in there for almost an hour trying to figure out the puzzles and ways that I can go! With every new room that I unlocked it felt like it would be the last but they just kept coming and coming and coming! Never ending!

It's also one of the reasons I don't like sharing games as such, you think you'll put out a thirty minute episode and it ends up being like an hour long!

Insane in the membrane!

Screenshot 2023-11-27 200236.png

I Still Love This Frikkin Little Guy!

Screenshot 2023-11-27 200753.png

It Was All For Something!

At the very least we didn't travel to this stormy planet for no reason at all!

It was a hard battle to get this far but Cal endured the worst of it like it was pudding. The lead we got from The Tomb Of Eilram led us to another planet and to someone that might be able to extend a helping hand.

If others have not gotten to him first!

Screenshot 2023-11-27 200812.png

Remember To Keep On Gaming Like You've Only Got One Life Left!


Buckle Up This Is A Long One!

Dated 27/11/2023

To everyone who made it this far into my post Thank you for the read and the support.

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Metal robots with energy kicks and jabs? That sounds intense. Your storytelling has me on the edge of my seat, wondering how you managed to overcome these formidable foes. Those screenshots are like a visual journey through the struggles.

Haha thanks bud!! I wonder how hard it would have been if I chose the hard setting when I started the game!

On a different note you should really try this game sometime! It's a heap of fun!


Haha, glad you're enjoying the game. It seems like you're having a blast. I might give it a try soon. Any tips for a newbie?

Meh,not really any tips. The game is fairly easy and fjn. Although I would recommend trying to find out which star wars game came before that one and play it first to get some background.

You already left a good tip for me. Do you think they (all the games) are somehow connected in concept?

I liked the graphics of the game, thanks for sharing my friend. Cheers!

The graphics really is something! A visual pleasure hits the spot!


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