The Witcher 3 Saga: A Tale Of Men No More.

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Well Hello There Fellow Gamers And Hivers!

In the last episode of The Witcher 3 Saga Geralt went on a quest, one that wasn't particularly of any worth to him. Well not unless he manages to bring Hjalmar who'm he went in search of back alive.

Hjalmar went off to Undvik with a band of brave Skelliger warriors to slay the Ice Giant or one of them, I can't think there to be only one?

It has been some weeks and they've not returned, Geralt decided to go out onto the rocky oceans and bring back Hjalmar dead or alive. As he set on this adventure he made a small detour to a small island that held home to pirates who took over Kear Almhult.

Let's say they won't be troubling the shipping lanes anymore.

The Marlin Coast.

It was clear the moment I touched down on Undvik that Clan An Craite did land here and quite recently at that too, I wonder if this is Hjalmar or some other group that drifted this way.

One thing is certain and it was that they didn't exactly have a smooth start to this adventure for glory and honour. I think it turned into a nightmare faster than these men thought it would, if they even thought it would get this bad!

If this is just the start then we are bound to see many a dead men now.

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The Ruins Of Urskar.

Navigating my way through this island wasn't going to be easy at all. It was overgrown and most of it was rocks, that means where ever Roach couldn't go I had to go on foot!

Fortunately Roach could go quite a lot of places!

I had to find a small village Urskar that was situated somewhat inland of where Hjalmar and his crew landed. The only problem I've encountered thus far is the beautifull landscape and when one gets lost in that the wildlife can easily have a tear at you!

I wonder if Hjalmar and his men thought the same, probably not since they've been losing men the moment they set foot on Undvik!

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The Ice Giant.

About halfway to the small village of Urskar is where Geralt came across a broken longship that is extended up into the air almost as if it's being repaired or rebuilt.

Needless to say that the Ice giant was also in the area, in-fact as I arrived the giant also arrived. He was busy feeding the Sirens as if they were his pets, must be so. I did notice the giant tossing a piece of meat into the broken battleship as well!

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While I was dealing with the Sirens circling the ship I heard a sweet sound, someone singing inside the hull of the broken longship.

It was the sweetest sound Geralt has heard in quite sometime! I think the last singer he heard was Priscilla and that was some time ago!

Screenshot 2023-12-03 143331.png

The old man went by the name Octo but he was a little delusional to say the least!

Geralt had quite a long chat with Octo and most of the questions he asked the old man had answer for!

He told Geralt that Hjalmar went past here and many others but they would not listen to reason from someone that has been trapped here for years on end! They met their fate the same as all the others he said.

That really destroyed my hopes of finding Hjalmar or any of his men alive!

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Things Are Looking Dire.

Octo mentioned something that Hjalmar and his crew made their way inland planning on making camp at the old guard tower someways up the road from where Geralt found the broken longship.

I found the tower and I found some of his men, butchered to death as it seems. Sirens! But that was where things didn't really add up, someone sneaked out of camp before the camp was attacked and I now had two paths to choose from.

I decided to pick up the trail of the person that left camp before the attack, but why would they leave before? Did they perhaps know something the others didn't? This path led me down onto a wild ice bear! Who proved quite the challenge to slay!

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One Heap Of Trouble After The Next!

Now truth be told if I didn't see the Ice Giant feeding the Sirens I'd have thought that the story of the Ice Giant was just made up or something because I've been running into a bunch of things but not the Ice Giant!

More so I've been running into quite a lot of Ice Trolls and of-course Sirens oh so many Sirens!

Screenshot 2023-12-03 144823.png

The fire seemed to work wonders on these Ice Trolls.

Except for one though!

I decided to do some foul play with one of the Ice Trolls and that was to push him right off the cliff because he was too stubborn to fall off by himself!

Let's say when he crossed that edge his hard rocky armor didn't count in his favour!

Screenshot 2023-12-03 144806.png

Biding My Time This Time!

Well I've played The Witcher 3 before and I've finished it before but all the previous plays I did on the game was rushed down to consume more of the story. This time around I found a lot of stuff that I missed ALOT!

There is so much more to the island of Undvik than meets the eye and I am hell bent on a mission to get as much out of this place as I possibly can!

Therefore I have made quite a few detours that led me to confused moments every now and then.

With that said I have not yet found Hjalmar or the lair of this Ice Giant. But I am gaining ground with every step and I believe to be very close!

P.S I did a lot of running around trying to figure some stuff out, no biggy but it just isn't good material for this post!

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Dated 03/12/2023

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There is so much more to the island of Undvik than meets the eye and I am hell bent on a mission to get as much out of this place as I possibly can!

If you explore when tracking down Hjilmar, you can come across a cave, inside the cave is one of his men who if you save him will help you out at the battle of Kaer Morhen.

You can also get a side quest from the place the bloody baron lives from the blacksmith that will see you return here to get some blacksmithing tools!

I am so fond of Undvik now, the previous play throughs I rushed this place. The first time coming here I didnt like it at all! I rushed it all down just to get out of there but now I want to dive into everything of the Skelligers!

I did start on the journey to rescue the guy in the cave but I am yet to find him,I also want to check out those towering ruins on the cliffs edge near the caves.

The forge I did get for that woman at the barons castle..or atleast I did get it the previous time playing!


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So you find the guy, when you are tracking Hijlmar and get to where they camp. Geralt will mention something about how one of them killed a siren with an arrow or something like that. IIRC if you go right from that camp and track the stuff that way you come upon the cave!

One of the things I love about Witcher is the visuals, especially in this installment. I haven't had a chance to play them but I have seen several gameplay and have been impressed.

Excellent review.


I have to say for how old the game is the graphics is still breathtaking and its not even on a high setting and yet its still beautifull!

It goes on sale a was 10 usd on GOG Galaxy the other day from 40 usd so you save a lot!


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