No Man's Sky - Let's attack a fleet!

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I've been having some fun playing No Man's Sky in my free time and have found that with the time I have available that is a yarrrr, pirates life for me!

The game now generates massive fleets due to the freighter and fleet expedition system. This allows for some epic fights and even juicier opportunity when it comes to earning money. While in some games the trade side of things certainly do appeal to me, I have been finding that the quick jump in and out action of fleet battles combined with the rewards is quite enough to keep me interested.

In this video we cover the basics of attacking a fleet and selling your loot, along with a few tips and tricks. I hope you enjoy this video and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!


Darn Pirates.... I just love the many ways you can do things... I'm never bored...

Absolutely! It's one of the greatest things about this game. Create your own story!


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Will try that tonight. Been grinding with killing animals and collecting platinum. Haven’t had much time lately…

But the game is awesome… especially in a wide screen.

Let me know how it goes!

Got killed LOL...

I guess I need to gear up my chip with those stuff you shoed up... pretty bad ass what you got.

Need to find a better way to explore and get bucks at the same time.

You will get there and you will be the best fighter in all ze world! I will do another video very soon!

Lol... realized yesterday that I was not following the tutorial and that I was doing k's of nanites just by visiting the planets and selling ships scavenged around.

So now I have found that place you can upgrade basically everything... and now I don't know where to spend 150million of units lOL... nanites almost all gone just on blueprints.

Ahhh, yes! If you have the patience for it exploration can be very fruitful! You could spend all that money on a REALLY nice freighter, or a cheap freighter and a bunch of frigates to start your expeditions!



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