Many players have probably forgotten that some games are just there to be played This looks like it'll be a fun game to play. Nothing serious or requiring too much thought to play. Just a basic Video Game. Hopefully it hits a niche crowd and brings in a resurgence of more 'retro-arcade' styled games that can be played online or splitscreen. Thanks for sharing the recap and your thoughts! It'll be interesting to see what the fans think.

That is a great way to describe this game. It looks like it is just going to be a fun game to play. Sadly, people today will conider that "simple" or not worth their time. They will complain about not having stats out the butt (how many times have they defeated this enemy for instance). Sadly, not everyone will be happy, no matter what is done.

Me, I will be doing my best to grab this one as soon as it is released. I think this type of game has a certain price point that it will be a success and if they come in higher than that, it is doomed. I think SoR4 showed this well, I believe it came in at $25 new, I think more gamers will support these games at $20 but I am not in charge of pricing these games.