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My, my, didn't know someone would want to talk about this. Although I've grown older now, I still love playing pokemon maybe because it was a childhood sweetheart. I used to collect cards and small figurines made of plastic molds, but my parents saw its bad influence on me so they had to stop me from collecting anymore. It affected my studies, and I admit to that. I did stop myself.

So when I had the chance to play a game on a computer or mobile, I searched as much as I can how can I actually play it on that device. I also got to play some fan-made games (I guess) available on VBA. I know that was an emulator.

Omg!! Such a nostalgic memory! This is the thing that made me realize how much I love gaming :(

Pokemon Yelow is a beautiful game. The Gamevoy color will always be an attractive console for me, I'm thinking of getting one again to remember the old days 🤗

OMG yay, the good old times >.<
2021 - I also play this game, because I like it and it was the first game I had on 1999 :D

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