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In Isekai Quest from Studio Ginkgo you’ve got big dreams and bad luck. And getting flattened by a truck seems like par for the course in your case, except…wait…you’re not dead! Instead you’re in some strange world filled with gorgeous women from all walks of life! Finally your dream of making a huge harem can be a reality! But these women have no intention of bowing down to you, not easily anyway. By the law of the land you must fill each lovely lady’s heart gauge three times and then her affections will be all yours. So let the match-3 battles begin and start creating your sexy dream entourage!


There is a fair amount of adult content to be found in Isekai Quest so we landed at a Level 3 for our first gauge. There’s full nudity and sex is a main theme. Also, all the sex scenes are interactive in one way or another, though each girl will have something unique of her own to offer.


As for the type of adult content we gave it a nice round 60% since there are a few instances of non-consent or non-enthusiastic consent as well as some light BDSM and non-human partners.



Let me start out by saying, I love a good match-3 game. I know the market can often be flooded with these kinds of filler mechanics to justify some fancy looking hentai but when they are done right it can truly be a whole lot of fun. Isekai Quest has been floating around my peripheral vision for just those prior reasons though. It can be hard to trust a NSFW puzzle game that costs less than five bucks just because it has pretty artwork. However, in the end it was that tiny price tag that made me take the plunge anyway when one day I was in the mood for a game that tickled my senses but wouldn’t tax my brain.



While the premise of the game is downright gratuitous and shoe-horned into place via a very short story sequence, the mechanics more than hold up. In fact I’d say they even exceeded my expectations. Sure, it’s a basic match-3 puzzle game but what made Isekai Quest something to write home about was that each lady you are battling has their own special mechanic to spice up the board and really add to the challenge factor of each puzzle fight. For instance, Maphy will add cursed puzzle pieces to the board that unless matched out will leech your HP. Or Cornelia who requires special color combos in order to do any damage to her. Not to be out-matched though, you have some tactics up your sleeves as well like special moves that cost mana, or items that can heal you, or wipe away all their bad puzzle pieces.


Through winning battles and purchasable items from the shop you can also get new moves or level up the ones you already have. And if that sounds like too much of a grind for you the shop offers a secret code option where if you know the right words (revealed somewhere within the game) you can completely bypass all those money issues and just amass whatever your heart desires from the shop. You’ll still need to take on the heart meters of each lady but with infinite cash at your disposal it should be a walk in the park.


Once you do win that third and final battle of the heart you’ll be rewarded with a steamy animated sex scene that you can play around in. Some will offer erogenous zones to engage with, clothing removal, and even different scenes to unlock with other positions or outfits. But be warned, whether you win or lose, none of your potential partners will do the deed with you if you don’t possess at least one “invisible condom”. You can buy these from the shop and they can even act as a sort of market trade item if you happen to need a few extra coins. The price will fluctuate after every battle and if you can manage to buy low and sell high then you could make a quick buck while searching for the elusive secret shop code.



Not to be forgotten of course, the other aspect of Isekai Quest is that it’s also a dating sim. Before each battle you’ll have to converse with each lady and you’ll need to make the right conversational choices based on their personalities. Some of the girls, if you are “too nice”, won’t battle you and therefore you’ll receive no nookie rewards. Others will want you to be more combative so that they feel you’ve earned the right to fight for their heart. Basically you’ll need to fight your instincts here and choose the meanest sounding dialogue options. Not necessarily a bad thing I suppose but overall with an already unlikeable main character this just makes him seem all the more insufferable. It was probably my least favorite part of the game but luckily it was in short supply and most of the game is spent in those fantastic match-3 puzzle battles or super naughty cutscenes.


The only legit complaint I have with this game is that if you lose a battle all your heart gauge progress gets reset, for ALL the women. You’ll keep your level and items and such but you’ll have to start from scratch with each potential partner. If you’ve already seen all there is to see with some of the ladies then it’s not so bad, since there’s no absolute need to revisit (other than to re-view the sex scene and their gallery of course), but I’m just not sure why it’s even a thing. Why make me start all the way over?


Isekai Quest turned out to be a sexy match-3 puzzle game that’s a cut above the rest. I really liked how each woman brought different things to their respective battles and sex scenes. It really kept the game fresh and fun, and because of that it gets two big gemstone thumbs UP from me!

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