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RE: [Acid Plays] FFXIV #3 - Getting some fresh high level lewt

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make this game f2p not p2p and I'm gonna be addicted to it. I tried it on trial but it sucks when u can't even add ur mates to party. This game is so good, imo even better than WoW, except Pvp - for sure wow wins there, however I need to say I was a bit lost while doing quests, its not that easy. Sometimes I was looking for a quest for 1 hour and I still couldn't find the NPC to end the quest lmao.

btw did u stopped playing in PSO2?


Yeah sorry 😅
not a big fan of instanced mmo's.

oh :D I was hoping to see some late game in pso2 but yea I agree that open world mmo's are way better