Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile | Downloaded But Still Rejected

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It has really been a long journey playing call of duty mobile for years now, hmmm is it 3 years already since I start playing the game and I will say I enjoyed and still enjoying the game, just love the fact that we can connect with any gamer from any part of the world and play together as a team, communicate while having fun. Majorly most country have their own codm server which do determine the ping most players do play on or though network also affect it and recently I think in nigeria we just got out server too which make it more easier to play since the m/s is now low.

One major update we all have been waiting for is the arrival of call of duty warzone just like the one in playstation and since they made the announcement, we have been looking forward to have that kind of experience and also to know what it feels like. I remember call of duty was one of the major reason I decided to get my PS4 console apart from play PES and after getting the disk, I didn't last up to 3mins in the game before they gunned me down, I tried it multiple time and got tired at the end, then figured out I'm not yet use to playing cod with gamepad but since the announcement, I have been curious to know how it will be like. Recently, have been seeing some gamers downloading the warzone mobile version on tiktok but when I checked on playstore it wasn't available, so I had to research and ask around before figuring they only release the version for Australia, Syria and one other country which means you have to twerk the came to any of the country before you can play it.

That was how I decided to follow the method, first of all, I had to search on youtube how to check my phone location/country, the Ios part was really much on youtube but found one.

  • First of all, I went to my phone setting, then search for country or region.
  • Click on Language & Region
  • Check the Region section and Choose the country

Then I use a vpn just to change the location to Australia also, went to playstore immediately and it grant me access to download the game. I use close to 6gb just to download all the files. Then I was somehow disappointed when I decided to play the game, it detected the Vpn and also gave me the server isn't yet in your country response, like wow after wasting my data and also time on it, I literally walked round the estate just to get a good network. I had to message my friend who knew someone playing the game already on IOS, even though the person said it is more easily playing it on IOS than android. He asked me to actually get Gearup Booster App to make it work but that app need subscription and my band card isn't linking up with playstore currently. I know it will work if I follow that aspect but I'm patiently waiting till when I will get a bank card that will work with playstore.

I just want to see how good the warzone part will be and currently I don't know when it will be available for all countries maybe 2024-2025 since they have to build different server for it.


Here is your Proof of Brian. I think you meant #ProofOfBrain

Three years and still counting.
Glad you enjoy the game.
More wins.