Jett Shotguns No More? | VALORANT Patch 1.06

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(Image credits to xKrasheR)

      Annoying Jetts that dashes, updrafts, glides then kills you even only 5 seconds passed on that round? That will change by patch 1.06! Don't miss this patch notes.

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      There's a fix to flashes, Phoenix's Curveball and Breach's Flashpoint. Riot made their flashes more clearer of when you can turn away and look again. But then some bugs on Phoenix's Curveball behavior came off. Some says that it goes farther than usual, which is harder to use for himself but better for his teammates. Riot addresses this problem and said


Weapon Updates

      Shotguns is still a strong weapon in Valorant that still has a place on the META. But shotguns was nerfed big time when on mid-air. Spread penalty increased from 0.5 to 1.25, which specifically done for the Jett shotgun abusers. So I think the Jetts that dashes, jumps then kills you will be reduced drastically, but will not extinct. We'll see.

Bug Fixes

      I want to point out one bug fix that took this patch 1.06. Disappearing HUDs are fixed! This annoyed tons of players, including me, which prevented them to look out of how many abilities and health currently have. The rest of the bug fixes are as follows.



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