Over Powered Agent? VALORANT: KILLJOY (Pre-Release)

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      The futuristic German engineer of Valorant, codename Killjoy. She has made pet bots that helps her and her teammates win the most crucial times of every round. You'll be mesmerized with her cute little friends that will just end up killing you. Be careful out there. 😉 Oh, and she looks up so much to Brimstone.


      Valorant is coming to its Act II, finally! And for this Act, we got this new agent, Killjoy, that is coming fresh. We only have too little information about her as of now but I am really excited for her release.


      Riot released a preview of her abilities as a teaser for the players. Let's check it out and then break down.

      I really like this trailer. It's so well done. Anyway, she has 4 bots in total, and all of them are her abilities. Those are the...

      Lemme give you a detailed information. Let's hop on her abilities, shall we?

      I'm not sure which is which, so I'll just label them as abilities except the ultimate ability.


      Killjoy places the Alarmbot anywhere in the map on a floor. If it detects an enemy within its radius, Alarmbot will be alerted then jumps to enemy, damaging everyone, including you and your teammates, within the radius with a little amount of damage and makes them take double damage from all sources.

Type:IG, Damage, Debuff
Cost:200 Credits


      Killjoy places a self automated turret. It has a cone of vision that shoots anyone that it sees first. It bursts three consecutive shots. It doesn't do a lot of damage so it's not that strong. The only role of the Turret is to give information.

Type:IG, Damage


      Killjoy throws her Nanoswarm grenade. It really does a lot of damage according to the clip that we watched but it needs to be detonated. When detonated, a swarm of nano bots will come out from the grenade that disintegrates everyone in it.




      Killjoy holds a large tech that she plants upon activation. Then it starts to wind up for 13 seconds, creating a big dome as its area of effect. If it detonates, it explodes like a spike but only makes enemies stunned and unable to use gun for whole 8 seconds. It is a lot of time for a game that is based on reaction time. But 13 seconds is also a lot of grace time for the enemy team. Lockdown can be stopped by destroying the tech. It is pretty easy to destroy, says the Riot devs. I wish all damaging abilities can destroy it from Sova's Shock Bolt to Raze's ultimate, damage wise. And also can be detected by all information gathering abilities.

Cost:7 ult points


      I still don't have a lot of information about this agent but I know her concept. Her defending is her strongest time. It's her show. She can hold a sites on her own for a whole minute or else, she gets her ace. Her Turret should be put right outside a choke point such as garage and A main in split, every entrance to a site on Bind and the main entrances on Ascent. But i think she's weaker on Haven since Haven has a lot of choke point. But partner her with Cypher, you got the perfect duo. Put her Alarmbot beside her Nanoswarm. Once they step on the Alarmbot radius, detonate the Alarmbot immediately. You got a free frag, nice! Oh, did I mention her ultimate? It's her power ability that zones everyone that wants to rush. It's either you push fast or you back off. But a meer 13 seconds can't stop enemies since Lockdown can easily destroyed.


      But on attacking side, she doesn't have much to do but defend a spike plant. If you don't get the spike planted, her abilities are practically useless. Nanoswarm is pretty useful to clear a corner but that's it. She's passive when attacking. So pray and pray that you start as defenders with Killjoy.

      Lockdown doesn't yet says if it affects her allies or not, so let's assume it doesn't. Is she over powered? For me, no. Since Raze is a must for every team composition, her nades can easily destroy all of her abilities, except Nanoswarm. She is the nemesis of Killjoy. Even Sova can counter Killjoy. Breach will have a place to the meta since she is also a good counter to her. Morello, Riot Valorant dev also said...

      “You can definitely sliver-peek it — you can see it before it sees you, if you’re working perfectly slow. And you can shoot it when it does that.”


      Even smokes can stop her abilities. So it will be a must to have smokes since we are in the Operator meta still. I can't wait to see the results to the meta as Killjoy comes live in Valorant. Goosebumps!!


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Definition of Terms

IG - Information Gatherer
CC - Crowd Control
Debuff - Weakens a Unit
Frag - Agent Kill
Ult - Ultimate Ability

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