Stumble Guy The Free Fall Guys?

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Hello Gamers, how are you? Today I want to bring you this fun competition game called Stumble Guy, you've probably seen, read, or heard about Fall Guys! Well, this game is extremely similar, I would say the same, I have never played Fall Guys so I couldn't say for sure if it is the same or not, but I am sure that the mechanics are the same.

The big difference here is that Stumble Guy is free. That is the first point, and well it is seen that it is also in development, there are still some things missing, however, the game is designed very well for its very basic training. It doesn't weigh much, it doesn't reach 1GB so this is another positive point. Sometimes we download 100 GB, it ends up being the worst thing in the world and we find ourselves facing a brutal waste of time and space. However, this is not the case.


Graphically it is very similar to Brawl Stars, in fact in many ways it is similar or very similar to this other game. The menu, the characters, and the distribution of the elements make it remind me a lot of the last one mentioned. Now on top of that, it is very well done, I think that for this type of 3D graphics Basic is an aesthetic that suits it very well, it also does not have a glowing aspect or something similar that gives a sensation outside of plain and simple 3D.


It is the typical game that is enriched by the skin content without a doubt, the mechanics are very basic and there is no object other than your ability to excel in the race. So we simply won't have to worry about pay-to-win processes as happens in some titles.




The game has many activities and quick matchmaking when searching for a game, do not spend more than 30 seconds in all the game modes and you were already in, so it can be seen that it has a fairly active population, it also has very good reviews on Steam. It has a good pin when playing and allows you to select the server closest to your location.


Within the game and event modes, we find several things as mentioned above, it has many activities, currently, there are some special maps in conjunction with Dungeons and Dragons, which represent a game mode to two other different ones, quick elimination to call it in some way. and super slider which is through a super water slide, quite funny. The best thing about these modes is that you can play them as a couple with a friend and have a good time.


In addition to that we have a standard mode and tournaments, which gives us a fairly complete game process for just being an online game. There is no campaign. What you can do is create a room and have your competition, which is very interesting. When Fall Guys came out it was a game that I never thought I would play, however, today looking for games on Steam I started to see the game reviews and well I said "Why not?" In the end, when you play it is like a 3D Mario on an obstacle course competing against other users.


Regarding the competitive issue, I think it is a game where skill prevails, your ability to predict the movements and well you can't escape the internet, but I think that any newcomer like me to the game can easily win a race or at least qualify and have a good time running against other clumsiest hahahahaha. Maybe @stk-g might be interested since it is a game of competition and pure fun. See you in the next post.

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