My first 3Speak video | trapping people in brawl stars

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Hey 3Speak this is my first video, edited with iMovie , I did this by screen recording the replays on brawl stars of me and my friend trapping people, it is always fun by some brawlers it’s very hard to trap them but when you do it’s very funny, if you want to friend me on brawl stars my ID is 2GLJV2CY

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Nice work homie!!! Now get your butt in bed!!!! Brush your teeth first dang it!!

This isn't you?

Nope, it’s my son. I just explained how to do things and let him have at it.... with 1,000,000 questions

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Wait are talking the reply or the post??? This Lineman gets confused easy...

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I meant the account. But, you've answered that.

Hah nice...

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