My Simple DIY No-Pump Hydroponics System: Cranky way

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I've grown a lot of plants since I was a young child so you could say that I'm a nature lover. When I moved to a new home, there was no soil to grow plants in,which was unfortunate because I enjoy gardening and wanted to eat fresh food.

I want to tell you about an exciting project I just started, a novel no-pump hydroponics system that makes use of tiny buckets. I've been able to efficiently and easily grow a wide range of plants thanks to this unusual setup. So join me as I explore the hydroponics industry!

I found a clever solution as I thought about how to build a functional and affordable hydroponics system: the dependable little bucket. I created a workable hydroponic setup using only a few of these buckets, a few modifications, and some easily accessible supplies.

The procedure was not too complicated. I started by getting a bucket, making sure it was clear of any debris and clean. I then filled them with water, leaving enough room for air at the top. Excellent options for the growing medium include Rookwood or Oasis cubes and sponges, which offer sufficient support and moisture retention.

Making holes in the bucket covers was the exciting part that came next. I carefully drilled a few tiny holes in the cover using a drill. In addition to providing access to the nutrient solution for the roots, these holes would also support the disposable cups.

I repurposed disposable cups to make a practical holder for my plants. I drilled a tiny drainage hole at the bottom of each cup before I filled them with the foam-growing medium. These cups would now be carefully cradling the plants in the holes of the bucket covers.

The nutrient solution is the most important component in any hydroponics system. I chose the NKK 20-20-20+TE nutrient solution, which offers a well-balanced combination of crucial nutrients needed for healthy plant development. I diluted the solution in accordance with the directions on the container.

The nutrient solution was ready, and it was now time to put my hydroponics system together. I carefully placed the cucumber plants' roots inside the disposable cups, making sure they were snug and in the right place. The buckets were then covered with bucket covers, sealing the containers while still allowing the roots to reach the nutrient-rich solution.

The hydroponics system was prepared to flourish once everything was set up. The tiny buckets served as dependable containers, preserving the ideal conditions for the plants to thrive. The holes in the bucket covers allowed the nutrient solution to circulate more easily, ensuring that the plants always had access to essential nutrients.

I will keep an eye on pH levels to make sure the system is successful, adjusting them as needed to maximize nutrient absorption. To avoid nutrient imbalances and deficiencies, I'll also change the nutrient solution every one to two weeks. I'll also pay close attention to the growing medium's moisture content and water the plants appropriately.

The flexibility of this hydroponics system without a pump is one of its outstanding benefits. The system was flexible enough to allow me to grow flowering plants, leafy greens, or even herbs.


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