A Video About The Tomato Craters That I'm Using

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Hello, hivers and gardeners!

I recorded several videos a few days ago for my on-going model kit reviews, and when I downloaded them onto my computer from the video camera, I found a video that I recorded probably around the end of April. I had recorded a video of unboxing the new tomato craters that I had just received in the mail at that time. I had forgotten about the video in the rush of other things. Since today was too hot to spend much time outside in the afternoon, I edited several of the videos, including this one that I'm going to link to this post.

This is video footage from my greenhouse. I started by talking a bit about the state of the greenhouse at the time, and then I got to unboxing the tomato craters and talking about them.
A few of my followers have asked me about them, so I hope this video is a good explanation about them.

Thanks for stopping by to check out my greenhouse video, I hope you found it interesting!


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