Garden Journal, Community Garden Plot Update

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Hello, hivers and gardeners!

I should have written this post a couple of days ago, but things have been a bit strange here lately. I took these pictures on Sunday, and here it is Wednesday now...

As most of you know, I have several plots at the local community garden. I like to grow all my potatoes in these plots because the soil is looser, more sandy than my garden at home. I have 15 rows of potato plants in my double plot this year. I have 5 rows each of Adirondack Blue, Yukon Gold, and early red potatoes. I planted the rows over about a 2 week period, so the last few rows are not as far along in their growth as the rest of the rows.

On this end of the plot are a couple of squash plants that came up from last year's plants. I'm guessing that there was a couple of small squash that got left there last fall by my friend when she finished picking her squash. I'm not yet sure what kind of squash they are, they're just starting to produce tiny squash.


This is from the other end of the potato plots. These plants are flowering now, while the plants at the other end have finished flowering. After a potato plant is done flowering, they develop little seed pods that look like a tiny green tomato. Those seed pods are not edible. I've never tried growing potatoes from the seed pods, but I am tempted to try it just to see what happens.


This plot is my pumpkin patch, and also 3 rows of sweet corn that my friend planted along the edge of the plot.The pumpkin vines are taking over the entire plot now, and growing through the corn.


This is the only pumpkin that I've found so far. It's fairly easy to see because it's on the edge of the plants.
Trying to walk through the vines to look for more pumpkins is a bit of a challenge to do without stepping on the vines and crushing them.


I let my friend plant my 4th plot, she wanted more garden space and I didn't really need the plot. She plants several different things in her plots. This plot is mostly potatoes and corn.


You can see a couple of borage plants flowering on this end of the plot.


She also has another plot that she rented this year. She planted in this plot last year, and the onions are from last year's planting. There seems to be a lack of nitrogen in the dirt of this plot, the corn isn't doing as well as in the other plots.


On this side of the plot, she planted buckwheat. I had no idea what it was until she told me...


That's all I have for this community garden update. Thanks for checking it out!


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The plants in your garden look very lively. you take good care of them.

My parents had a lot of volunteer potatoes, and I suspect those seed pods are responsible.

 2 months ago  

That is so cool.... I'm worried the fruit fly will get my pumpkin... i need to try and grow potatoes. we dont buy them because we don't eat them often... but if they are in the garden... we might.. lol... i love making potato wedges :-)

the plots loook super green and lush. Surprise plants are cool ;lol

 2 months ago  

All, except the corn, are doing very well!