Garden Journal, Mid July Home Garden Report

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Hello, hivers and gardeners

A few days ago, I wrote a post about my community garden plots, so today, I'm going to write about the progress of my garden at home.

I'm growing my tomatoes, beans, and summer squash in my home garden, along with an heirloom variety of flour corn called Dakota White.
First, lets look at the garden plot where my tomato plants are. I have several varieties of tomato plants in this garden. This view is from the back door of the house. You can see little green tomatoes on some of the plants.


At the end of the garden plot with the tomato plants, I planted some yellow summer squash plants. They're developing squash now.


The main part of the big garden is taken up by the corn patch.


I planted carrots in the taller raised bed this year. There's 3 sections to this raised bed, I planted each section at a different time, so the carrots are different size in their growth. I just weeded the raised bed and thinned out the carrots a bit to give them room to grow.


The carrot seeds in the end section of the raised bed didn't germinate very well. I think it was too warm and dry when I seeded this section. I have carrots here, but not as thick as the other 2 sections.


I planted bush type green beans in the low raised bed. There are several empty spots in the bed where a seed either didn't sprout or didn't grow after it came up. However, most of the seeds came up and the plants are doing pretty well.


I'm not sure why I decided to plant the strawberry plants in this little area, but they seem to be doing ok right now.


There's a compost pile hiding under this big pile of squash plants. I don't know what kind of squash these are, the plants are from seeds thrown into the compost pile last fall. There's a borage plant at the end of the pile, and a couple of sunflower plants sticking up out of the squash leaves along the edge.


I put up a 10 foot long trellis and planted pole beans this spring. It's a bit hard to see the bean plants against the backdrop of the corn, but they're climbing the trellis.


These are yellow summer squash plants that I bought on sale about 3 weeks ago. They were root-bound and stunted when I got them, so I don't know how well they will do. They still have about 2 months of good weather to grow, so they might produce something. 2 of the plants are still in the pots that I re-potted them into. I need to find a place to put them.


These are zucchini plants that I also bought 3 weeks ago. They're starting to grow now.


This is my container garden, I planted bush type green beans in these big pots. They seem to be doing well, they're beginning to develop flowers now.


One more picture for this post, a look through the door of the greenhouse. The tomato plants go crazy in the greenhouse, they seem to like the heat. There's lots of baby tomatoes on the plants now. You can also see part of 1 of the 2 cannabis plants I have in the greenhouse. Those plants are a variety of high CBD hemp plants.


That's all I have for this post, I hope you found it interesting!


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i get a creative energy when i look at your garden. i like how you build. like a patchwork quilt.

that is incredible what those squash seeds from the compost did!

Screen Shot 2022-07-20 at 1.50.02 AM.png

Screen Shot 2022-07-20 at 1.49.57 AM.png

what are these i spotted in the container garden photo?

The top picture is a wilted paste tomato plant and a cherry tomato plant. Those are at the end of the row of big pots. I've been having a hard time keeping that one tomato plant watered, I think the soil mixture in that pot just doesn't hold water very well.
The lower picture shows some of the strawberry plants that have been spreading around the container garden, and a flowering marigold plant that snuck into the area because of seeds from last year's marigold plants.
Thanks for asking! 😊

 3 months ago  

wow thats looking amazing. I seem to remember that front yard rather bare in winter...

are those train tracks... do they work.. lol..

looking good!


Yes, those are train tracks, and they do work. :-)
I have a small flatcar that I use for moving heavy things from the back fence gate to the greenhouse area.
I wrote a bunch of posts last year about building the track.

 2 months ago  

must be before my time... although i seem to remember the build??? but i don't remember seeing it work! that is so cool... video... lol


Here's a video link for one way that I use the railroad. I put this video on my youtube channel at the beginning of last November. 😊

Your crops are all looking good, love the corn too!

 3 months ago  

Most things certainly seem to be doing really well!

Yes, so far. We're having a bit of a dry spell right now, so I have to be more active with my watering. Fairly typical weather here for mid summer.

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