Garden Journal, Planting Potatoes At The Community Garden

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Hello, hivers and gardeners!

I've been wanting to write this post for a few days but I didn't have the necessary ambition until today. It's been raining all day, which we've been needing, so it's a good day to sit in front of the computer and type away.

I think this is the first post that I've written about my community garden plots since April. I wanted to get all the rows of potatoes planted before I wrote the post about it, and that took a lot longer than I expected. I started the process on the 23rd of May, and I just got the last 3 rows planted 2 days ago. Between all the other stuff I was doing, and some crappy weather days, it just took longer than I expected to get the seed potatoes in the ground.

As I said, I started planting potatoes on May 23. I had rototilled my community garden plots a few days before that, so the plots were ready for planting.


My friend is using this plot this year. You can see that she's already got the plot planted. I think she planted sweet corn, beans, and a few potatoes in this plot. I'll know more when it's all up.

My 4th plot was still a mess because I piled all the stuff from the other 3 plots there so I could till them.


I started planting at the bottom of the first plot. I say "bottom" because the community garden is on a bit of a slope, and this is end of the garden is at the bottom of the slope.
I started by digging the trenches for the first 2 rows.


The next step is to put the seed potatoes in the trenches. I set the seed potatoes about a foot apart to allow for root growth of the plants so that they're not crowded. I used a stick to measure the distance because I tend to crowd the potatoes if I don't. These are Adirondack Blue potatoes.


Then I covered the seed potatoes with the dirt that I dug out of the shallow trenches.


I planted 4 rows of Adirondack Blue potatoes that day.


It took me about a week to get back to the community garden to plant the next rows of potatoes. I ended up planting 5 rows of red potatoes that day.



The next day, I went back to the garden and planted 3 rows of Yukon Gold potatoes. I ran out of energy after planting the 3 rows. Planting potatoes is hard on my back and has not gotten any easier as I've gotten older.

I still had room in the garden plot for 3 more rows of potatoes. I finally got back up to the community garden a couple days ago to finish planting the potatoes. I planted 2 more rows of Yukon Gold potatoes, and one more row of Adirondack Blue potatoes. That way, I have 5 rows of each type of potatoes that I planted.


It took me long enough to get all the potatoes planted that I had potatoes coming up in thew first rows I planted before I got the last potatoes planted. These are the Adirondack Blue plants coming up.


text divider.png

I also planted my 4 pumpkin plants at the community garden the same day that I finished planting the potatoes. I put those plants into the fourth garden plot. I started the pumpkin plant seeds at the same time as I started my cannabis plants.


I brought those plants out into the greenhouse to get more light than they were getting in the house, and transplanted them to larger pots for better root growth.


When they got big enough, I put the plants outside the greenhouse to harden them off a bit.


After cleaning up the 4th plot and getting it ready for the pumpkin plants, I got them planted. They have lots of room to grow and send out their vines. The area around the pumpkin plants is well mulched with old straw from last year's straw bales from the garden.


I had a good crop of pumpkins last year from this heirloom variety, so I'm looking forward to seeing how they develop this year. These are Howden pumpkins.

That's all I have for this garden post, thanks for checking it out!


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I grow Howdens usually, but they tend to succumb to the powdery mildew. I'm trying a variety this year that is resistant. Glad you got all the potatoes done! I can relate to it taking forever to get a garden planted!

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great job.... i love how so many people get extra space in community garden plots. it really is a great idea

hope they are productive!!!

Great job done there. Farming is one of the greatest things I love and it gives happiness while doing it. Thanks for sharing with us