Tomato Plant Update, 5/31/22

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Hello, hivers and gardeners!

This post is an update on my tomato plants that I've been keeping in the greenhouse. My last garden related post was 10 days ago. Since then, things have either been hectic, or slow because of rainy days. I started planting my potatoes in my plots at the community garden, but the rain stopped me from getting much of that done. Sunday, the 29th was a pretty decent day, so I decided to finally transplant the tomato plants out into my garden at home. Later this week, I'll get back to planting the rest of the seed potatoes. It's finally warm enough at night to be able to get the garden planted.

In my last garden related post, I showed the tomato plants that were planted in the big greenhouse pots.


Those plants have grown a bit in the last 10 days. This picture is from the 26th, so a few days ago.


Most of the rest of the tomato plants were ready to be planted in the garden, they were getting bigger.



I decided to use the smaller side yard garden for the tomato plants this year. I didn't think to take a picture before I started preparing this garden plot for planting. I had planted 2 tomato plants before I remembered to take a picture. You can probably also see the 2 tomato plants that I put into the big container tub on the other side of the garden the day before. I measured out the space between each plant in the row because I didn't want to plant them too close together this year.


This picture is after I had all the tomato plants in the ground except 2 plants. Those plants are still pretty small, so I'm not in a big hurry to get those in right away. They can stay in the greenhouse for a few more days while I get some other garden things done. The red saucers that surround each tomato plant are called "tomato craters". I got them from Jung Seeds. They keep the cutworms away from the young plant stalk, they stop weed growth around the base of the plant, and the red color is supposed to help with plant growth. Each "crater" is 2 pieces that you clip together around the base of the plant.


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Another thing that I did last week was to set up my primary rainwater catching system. I was able to get it set up the day before it started raining last week. It collects water from the rain gutter on 1 side of the roof. The water tank is about 3/4s full now, but that doesn't show in this picture.


My next project for the rainwater system will be setting up the water storage barrels that I use to water the garden. I fill that system from the big rainwater tank that catches the rain. I took that system apart last fall to clean it out and for winter storage. The first thing that I have to do is to clean up the mess.


I'll write a post about it once I have the system set up again.

That's all I have for this post, thanks for checking it out!


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"tomato craters". I got them from Jung Seeds. They keep the cutworms away from the young plant stalk: This is great information. Cutworms give me trouble every year. Also, your set up and garden looks very neat and tidy. I am also using a similar rainwater-gutter system. I painted my tanks black because I had some issues with algae growth in the tanks. So far, the black paint seems to have eliminated that problem.

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 4 months ago  

Your tomatoes look very good! Mine just went to the cold frame today to harden off..

I finally got all my tomato plants out in the garden. This early part of summer is a bit unpredictable here so I have to watch for frost advisories. Hopefully there won't be any more of them...

 4 months ago  

Last night it dropped into the 40's here. I'm glad the tender guys are still in the cold frame.

Yeah, it's been down in the 40s several times here lately, and we have a few more of those nights coming...