Happy November 👩‍🌾 Happy Gardening 🐝

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Hello Lovely Farmers on Hive,

How is it going with you? I hope everything is fine for you and your beloved ones. It has been a long time that I haven't updated my garden here and luckily, @riverflows tagged me in her recent post, so let me show you around my little garden and my happy harvest these days.


This morning I collected a lot of butterfly pea flowers and will need to dry them so that I can use them after the season. This flower has a lot of advantages, you can make tea, mojito or color your food. There are a lot of recipes online to show you how to use butterfly pie, you can have a look here here, it's a local site but very many details for you to look at.


I love these little basils, they have brought me savory Italian taste. I did a lot and shared them with my neighbors and friends here.


We don't have a garden but a lot of space on the rooftop for planting. I almost use recycling boxes that I could get from a local market and bought seeds and collected veggies from friends' garden and plant here ;)) Morning glory is so easy to grow, after a week, I could harvest them.

Morning glory is so easy to grow, after a week, I could harvest them.


this is Vietnamese basils, we use a lot for Pho which is our famous traditional Vietnamese dish

I've raised some baby tomato seeds for a long time. I think almost a month during our hot season, they didn't survive and recently, one came out of the earth and is growing with some flowers now.

Aloe Vera for our daily beauty ^^ Lola taught me to use it for washing my hair and face masks as well.

this is hibiscus used a lot in food and beverage here. I love hibiscus gelato, they are so good, even better than my beloved raspberry gelato.


The rest of the space we use for butterfly pie, they are growing very fast after raining. Every morning, we love to come up, enjoy the fresh air and pick flowers, and dry them under the sun.

I love my life now when my work doesn't require me to leave home in the early morning and come back late at night, like before. I have more time to spend taking care of my little garden and sharing happy moments with my global friends. I would love to connect with more like-minded people from our community here and hope everyone enjoys gardening and have a great fruit harvest 💚


khu vườn nhà mình lên hình cũng lung linh ha :))

hâhha, vườn nhà mình chứ đâu ;)))

Chị làm hàng dây , treo mấy vỏ chai á chị, trồng rau vào vỏ chai cũng ok , mà ít mất diện tích nữa chị .

c cũng muốn làm mà chưa sợ mùa mưa mấy vỏ chai đọng nước ý

Hoa đậu biêc thích quá 😍 Dạo này bù đầu với công việc, vườn bỏ bê luoon chị híc.
Thứ 7 này đi chơi nhé chị :)

mai đi đâu thế e? lấy đậu biếc hok? Qua c nhiều lắm nè

Love your garden! 😍😍😍😍

Thank you very much <3 Happy weekend to u ^^

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Good morning friends, thank you so much for your time dear @stevenson7 and @diyhub. That's a great gift to brighten my day. I will check your recommendation. Thank you and have a nice day :)

 2 years ago  

Amazing - what a lovely view of the mountain beyond! It's great you can grow veggies in small space like that. hibiscus gelato sounds amazing - you have me thinking now! I use it in teas but didn't think about this- what about raspberry AND hibiscus, now that'd be cool. With a blueberry and blue flower gelato on the side :)

Thanks for sharing, and love the selfie too!

Good morning @riverflows, please accept my apology for my late reply. Thank you so much for your encouragement, that means a lot to me <3 YEssss, how about a glass of granita with a scoop of hibiscus on top? Omg, I love to eat all berries also ^^

 2 years ago  

Everything look so healthy, you took very good care of your plants, the Aloe Vera and the basil are looking beautiful!


Good morning @edprivat, thank you very much for checking my little garden. I love them a lot too. They not only provide me better taste every day, but also a motivation on my farming journey <3

Wow, you really do have a cool garden going on there nothing better then fresh out of your own garden 😊

Good morning bro @tinman88, Yesssss, I love to eat my own veggies a lot. That reminds me about my childhood time a lot while my parents took me to their field to pick some veggies ...😍such much happy time and memorable!

This is great that it has rubbed of on you growing your own veggies is the best nothing better then fresh...right 😀

Yessss, indeed. Really love them <3 Happy weekend bro ^^

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yes, I will. Have a great day :)