GARDEN JOURNAL - The Selfie Edition - Just "wine-ing in the garden"

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The Selfie Edition

so @minismallholding told me to do a selfie post... she DID say to include all the ones that were a bit dodgy... sorry love... there were a few too many down a tight top last week... lol... Many appologies

but i WILL share some photos before i get into the garden for the day. Today i am digging out the side by the pool that i shared in my MEGA GARDEN POST yesterday

here is the link

Prepping the photos

I decided tea and wine in the garden at 08:00am was necessary. I didn't drink all the wine because i needed to use a PICKAXE and i have not had breakfast. I like all my toes intact. Unlike my husband who had a run in with the retaining wall yesterday and has broken his toe... poor @azthal ...

My daughter helped me take a few as well...

she said if we win anything i have to buy her some SPLINTERLANDS CARDS.... she wants an upgraded LIFE SUMMONER... lol... i'm like... thats a pricey request... lol... Gotta love my #splinterlands game.

anyway Here they are

CANVA (12).png





drinking tea amongst the slightly toxic plants...


Chilling in the garden


My Photographer - Will be paid in SPLINTERLANDS cards



Agg its such a mess - you can see the vegetable empire we are building in the background... Still a WIP and soooo much work. check out my MEGA POSTS for more info on these..


Just Wine-ing in the garden



Please check out my mega post for information on the garden build

Its a big job in progress.

 6 months ago  

This is what I woke up to this morning! 🤣

I'm torn between the one amongst the slightly toxic flowers and the chillies.

 6 months ago  

Yes i liked the "chilling in the chilis" photo too... lol... I do have an artistic flair and a love of theatrics... lol...

no point me taking a "boring" selfie... lol... won't do one now i have dirt coming out of my nose... i am filthy.. Had to come inside to get a bite to eat as i was starving from digging out the palms. aggg... what a mess ive made. lol

 6 months ago  

Well it sounds like it's just you doing the biting and not any centipedes, so that's good. 👍 You're going to be buff as anything soon, with all that palm digging and paver scrubbing.

 6 months ago  

aggg its such hot work... if i didn't come inside and eat "all the calories" it might be a different story lol. But i do feel better after heavy garden weeks.

This is the winning post for me! lol

 6 months ago  

I can only approve of your suggestion... lol

thanks for stoppiing by!

I love this one, looks like you are having a great time (^_^)

 6 months ago  

lol, thanks for your comment

yes we had fun... why not :-) plenty of thinks to worry about these days

have fun gardening :-)

You're welcome (^_^)

I wish we could grow wine tree!

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