Growing Tomato, From SEED to HARVEST

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Growing Tomato, from SEED to Harvest!

Homegrown Tomato is one of the easiest and tastiest from your garden! Follow along as I show you in this short video, from Sowing Seeds in March, to harvesting fresh, tasty Tomato, All Summer Long! My gardens are in New England, zone 6b/7a.

Whether you are picking Sweet Cherry tomato for snacking, beefsteak and slicers for a fresh tomato sandwiches, or, harvesting Roma, San Marzano, and Plum type for making Sauces, these are wonderful fruits to have in your own home garden. Please let me know in the comments, what do you do with your home grown tomato?

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Most of you know, I prefer to grow my own food, locally. It's healthier for my family, and for the planet. I know what goes into my foods, and what chemicals are NOT in my food. Also, It cuts down on carbon emissions, less trucking, planes, trains, and boats, to get fresh foods to my table.

And that makes me smile... better for the planet, better for my own family.

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It's time to take control of your own food supply,
your own health and your own lives.

The GroVid23 Challenge:
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it's about taking control of your future!

Happy Gardening and Cheers,

All Images by Bluefin Studios unless specified.

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I love eating tomatoes. Slice it, then put some vinegar and soy sauce, then add chili

So many varieties of tomatoes. You had a great season.
So nice to see the whole process from start to finish.

How is the weather right now at yours. Do you think you are getting and early autumn or late one this year? We are thinking of going again to visit parts of New England in October.
Have a great Thursday 👋🏻😊

Here? VERY rainy. Has been all summer. I still have a few more weeks (6 or 8 at least) of growing season.

Here too, we didn’t have any summer yet.
Let’s hope those weeks go well for the growing, let it be a long season.
Enjoy your weekend 👋🏻😊

Our summer was the strangest, rainiest in quite some time! (So far!)

Wow… it seems everywhere it is so different.

Love the time lapse planting and the photos/video from the whole life cycle. Our tomatoes are just starting to kick in. Just have to splash through the water standing in the yard and then fight the mosquitoes to harvest them 🙄

Yesterday, at our peak, we had about 3 inches of rains per hour.

Sure, I've thought about Hydroponics, but, I want to actually decide when and where!


Nice video! So many plump tomatoes.

I kind of miss having tomatoes fresh from the garden. But I'll enjoy them vicariously through you :)

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 166 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

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Whoah! There's too many kind of tomatoes

I actually planted 17 varieties of seeds, this March.


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