The Creative Garden Weekly Challenge 2024 #1

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Welcome to the first #creativegarden challenge of 2024! We've had a short break and really missed the amazing stories, reflections and poetry that Hive Gardeners have written. Please accept our humble invitation to join in the community fun.


Every week, on Sundays, we'll give you a new prompt. It works in the same way as similiar writing challenges such as those offered by Cinnamon Club Coffee, The Ink Well, and other communities. It's an opportunity for you to write, especially if you are stuck for ideas and would like to have a bit of a challenge.


  • Respond to the prompt in a creative way - you can write a highly descriptive post, a recipe, a poem, or even a drawing or a science fiction story!
  • It MUST respond to the prompt of the week - the interpretation of the prompt is up to you. It simply MUST be 'garden' themed!
  • Post in the community
  • Use the tag '#creativegarden'
  • Engage in the community

Due Dates

The challenge begins at 7 am UST/6pm AEST, and ends at 7 am UST/6pm AEST the following Friday. Posts within this time frame will get full upvotes and reblogs from us. It's your responsibility to check the time and to check in each week for a new prompt.

This Week's Prompts

Each week there will be a single word prompt, and a longer prompt. You can choose to combine them or just choose one.

Prompt #1


Prompt #2

A magical bird visits your garden, carrying messages from the spirit world. What guidance or warnings does the bird bring, and how do you interpret its cryptic messages?

We hope you enjoy writing a garden themed post this week, and look forward to reading it! Happy Gardening!

The Creative Garden is a weekly challenge designed to inspire you to write on garden related topics. Check out the weekly publication in the Hive Garden community, published every weekend!


Greetings everyone, I would like to share my Fiction story entry for this week challenge. Enjoy reading. 😊

I miss this. Thank goodness I decided to check new feed first before anything else this morning.

Did you extend the deadline this time? I am seeing deadline's on Friday. Anyways, it's good for me.

Welcome back guys, let me get my ink flowing so I can submit my entry within the week 🥳🥳🥳

 4 months ago  

Fabulous! I kinda missed it too, though I've been a bit busy. Don't worry so much about the deadline. New challenges come out on Sundays. I might award prizes, I might not - depending on where I am in the world and if I have internet access or time, so it'll be a bit random. They're more likely to come in as tips. :)

Okay, ma'am. Anyhow it goes, I will concentrate on having fun with the prompt(s). Stay safe. Happy weekend 💝

 4 months ago  

Yes, I like to do that too for other communities - you and I love to write, so the prize isn't as important! I look forward to your entry - I just wrote mine to publish tomorrow!

I don’t have a garden but I’d be checking the community to see pictures of people’s gardens
Nice one!

 4 months ago  

You don't need a garden to write a #creativegarden response 🤯🌻💚

It seems this is the right time for me to hop in and see how the garden thing works 🙌🙌

 4 months ago  

Excellent 👍💯

Welcome back creative garden writing challenge 🥰🥰

I supported a few community members

Here's my entry

Wow!!! This is so lovely. I never knew there was something like creative garden but now that I do, I am going to jump on it!

WoW it will be interesting to read the postings of this creative challenge. Hugs 🤗

 4 months ago  

I would like to join but my time is not enough for other chores. =(

I would love to partake but I don't know if it has expired since we are in different time zones, I think there should be a timer countdown to make it easier for people like us.