The Last Garden Journal Challenge for The Year!

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On the 1st of every month, Hive Gardens get together and share their gardens. I can't believe it's December already - that means your garden could be getting festive, or you're contemplating how it's getting toward the end of another year in the Hive Garden!

If your garden is under snow, water, or snails, it doesn't matter. You can still join in by:

  • sharing a friend's garden
  • writing a garden themed story
  • reflecting on what comes next on your gardening journey
  • writing about your favourite plant
  • writing a garden produce recipe

and countless other ways to support the Hive Garden by writing great content!


  • Please only one photo of each plant. Try to be selective with your photos.
  • No A.I images or content
  • Minimum of 300 words
  • Engage with others in the community
  • Reblog this post
  • Mention the challenge somewhere in your post
  • Use the first tag #gardenjournal and post in the community
  • Drop your link below to qualify

Prize Pool

Food & Medicine Growers Prize: 2 Hive
Passionate Gardener Prize: 2 Hive
Awesome Presentation/Photos Prize: 2 Hive

There may be other prizes if there are a lot of entries and quality posts!

Above all, have fun - and happy gardening!


We support gardening, homesteading, cannabis growers, permaculture and other garden related content. Delegations to the curation account, @gardenhive, are welcome!*


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Here is my entry for the last challenge of 2023, and what a wonderful year it was hanging out with all of you.


 2 months ago  

Here is the link to my post for the December garden #gardenjournal challenge.
I will get around to supporting other tomorrow, it getting really late now.