Establishing a garden so that we can plant chilies so they grow well

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The various methods used by farmers to innovate are a sign of a smart and cunning farmer. I saw a land where land was being formed for planting chilies and it was really creative. I saw it, a series of pictures of land where chilies were being planted. This picture is still at the level of land processing, meaning there is still quite a bit of process for planting chili seeds because we have to do several other activities such as covering the soil that we have made the mountain with black plastic, then we spray to kill pests in the soil. After that, we sprinkle it. chili seeds and there is still a long way to go to produce what we want. However, for a farmer failure is a problem because they have enough experience in farming so there is time. Later we will be there and often times we will be given benefits. These are some of the images that I have used today, I hope my friends like them and good afternoon to photographers.

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LocationLhokseumawe, Aceh

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Me, what I did was I threw chili seeds in a small bag. Now they are quite big. Maybe 1 more week before I can move them.