The amazing colors that spring brings us.

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Very good morning Hive and HiveGarden community, I hope you are having a great time, today I bring you some spring flowers that are already beginning to be seen in the garden and some new acquisitions.
Let's start with my old man's pride, two rows of amazing pink roses, they form two walls where in the summer my folks sit to drink mate or something cold.


They also opened the red roses, of which there are several in the front garden and in the yard of the house.



The following is called Gazania, is very easy to grow, it adapts very well to all types of terrain. If the climate accompanies it can be in flower almost all year round, in the case of the Patagonian region in winter, due to the temperatures, no flowers are seen, but from the first days of spring until the last days of autumn they can be seen in many gardens and streets.


The following are some carnations, they are not original from our garden, buy them at the flower shop to have colors all over the yard, the carnation needs a light soil, semi-porous and in summer that does not get direct sunlight.


Also two new members are the kalanchoe, they are distinguished by their large leaves and bouquets of various colors, it is preferable not to get direct sunlight because they can burn their leaves very easily, a semi-shade would be very well located, in our case it is an internal garden.



Yellow Broom is one of the great shrubs at home, already at this time of the year it can be seen covered with bees in the early hours of the day.


After a very strong pruning that suffered last season, this year the two Lavender bushes are stronger than ever, at the end of the summer I am gathering some flakes and branches, perfect to burn and aromatize the atmosphere inside the house. In the next days when I will be gathering some aromatic plants with which I will be able to make some aromatic smoke, I will show you how to make them in a very easy way.




I know I promised you flowers and colors but let me show you the mint plants, I love these plants, perfect for gathering leaves for tea and drying them little by little, I usually keep the leaves in glass jars where I can keep them all year round without problems.


White Lily, symbolizes innocence, beauty and purity, its natural habitat is the mountainous or wooded areas, but it has the facility to adapt to different soils, the Yellow Lily is known in this area as Lily of lagoons.


The following is a small flax flower, a plant known for thousands of years, used for its rich capacity in fibers and oils, although here they bring only their beauty.


What human being does not like to see a Rayito de Sol flower, those colors are the ones that flood the eyes with happiness. This plant needs very little water, watering must be very spaced and only when the top layer is completely dry.


Another of the plants that I love to scent the house is Sage. They can be used to make small bouquets and let them dry, they also provide incredible aromas, very very pleasant.


Thank you very much for reaching the end of this post, but it has not been in vain, to say goodbye to you I leave you a picture of the real owner of the garden, Elvis.
Until the next HIVE community.


All photos are my own.
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Look at those roses! I wish I have them at home xx

How beautiful are the roses I have not been able to plant here the pink rose bush I love it 🥰 you have many beautiful flowers.