Nothing was wasted on MELON

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On September 29, 2021, I picked the melon even though it was not yet the right time to harvest. The insect ate the melon branch and sucked its juice. I didn't expect this to happen with my first melon plant, so it gave me more gardening knowledge and what I should do next.

Starting small until it grew I actually watched it and observed. With each passing day, it grows 1 centimeter. It just grew so fast! Not just one fruit, lots of melon fruit but I focused on one so I could see the changes with each passing day.

September 28, 2021, this is the last day that the melon is still hanging on his tree. I could see nothing and I did not notice that there was a crack forming in its branch.

September 29, 2021, I saw that a long melon branch had dried up and I was worried about the fruit hanging on it. When I saw it, one of its fruits was indeed affected. So I was forced to pick it up and cut off the branch completely.

Nothing is Wasted

October 2, 2021, I sliced ​​it to find out what it would look like inside. When I opened it, I estimated that it was only 1 week and it could be harvested and eaten. Nothing wasted. I sliced ​​it and peeled and a lot of seeds inside the melon and the edge of the melon was quite orange. It just means it’s about to ripen.

The melon I eat has a little sweetness and it is crunchy when you bite it. I ate everything because I knew my kids didn't eat melon even my wife. But when you make this juice, they will drink and eat a little melon.

Planting a melon is a wonderful experience. Next time, I knew what I had to do. And the nice thing about my plants, they are all organic! All are natural!


How quickly time goes by and how the plants grow @kennyroy! I love how your garden is looking this time of year, getting ready to receive new crops, new plants. This melon looks delicious, very sweet. I really like to see the evolution of what you sow, thanks for sharing it with everyone and the good thing is that your crops are 100% natural, as it has to be. Greetings.

Thank you so much!!! ^_^
As long that I have a good garden update, I will share with the world what is really happy happened, whether it is good or bad. LOL

This past few weeks @sirenahippie, I am so busy helping my neighbor to develop his small garden, lol. Then last week October 1, 2, and 3 we have a special thanksgiving in our church. ^_^

I've never had success with melon - even though yours is small, it's much better than the melon I didn't grow!

Hehehe... Soon next post is about my PUMPKIN! ^_^