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hello to all hive and gardening lovers. some time ago I told you about the large family garden that we have and maintain together with my family. 🤍💚❤️

We grow all kinds of organic fruits and vegetables without any pesticides ... One of my past posts in this group I uploaded a post about the strawberries we grow in our garden and that's why my little girl is one of the biggest strawberry lovers.

Today I will show you what raspberry crop we have this year. This time they are a little smaller than last year, but still delicious. It is a pleasure to take care of them, to water and tie them, and finally to pick from my dried raspberries. I guess everyone loves raspberries, I personally love adding raspberries and blueberries and strawberries to my oatmeal in the morning for breakfast. I wish everyone a pleasant and peaceful evening. Thank you for stopping by my post. Namaste


I already tasted it.
Very delicious raspberry 😋

😁😁😁So it is yes 🤍❤️💚

Good for you 👍
Growing your own food is priceless ♥️

Донеси малко да ги пробвам 😝😝😝

Е, много са вкусни! Напълних вчера една сладоледена кутия 😊💗😊💗😊💗