Garden Update: Our Backyard Labyrinth Gets Its Spring "Haircut!"

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Our Labyrinth got its spring haircut this afternoon!

This is much later than usual because it has been a particularly cold winter and spring in our area and we're about two weeks behind where we normally are. The weather gurus say we've had the coldest March-April period in 80 years, and that's probably true... if our heating bills are anything to go by!

The finished result is very tidy, compared to where we started!

It was important that the Labyrinth looks at its best in time for World Labyrinth Day coming up on May 6th.

Yes, there really is such a thing, and it's a worldwide event for Labyrinth enthusiasts.

But Let's Get Back to the Labyrinth!

This is the "before" picture!

A couple of days ago, you could barely tell there was anything there, other than a circular lawn inside a low hedge of dormant lavender.

Our labyrinth is basically laid out on one of the only pieces of flat ground on our property, which also happens to be the septic tank evaporation field, which means the area is well watered all year around.


Once the lavender surround finishes blooming in the late fall, we let the area "rest" after a summer and fall of many people walking the paths.

The "structure" is basically small rectangular pavers inset in the grass to delineate the edges of each "circuit," and it doesn't take long before the grass grows over the top of the bricks.


"Digging out" the pavers from underneath the thatch of grass (and weeds!) is a very laborious process with the string trimmer.

"Laborious," because you have to hold the trimmer at a 90-degree angle is is not designed for, in order to get a vertical cut at the edge of each row of bricks... on both sides of the row.

Gradually, the paths reappear...

It may not seem like a terribly difficult process, but by the time the whole thing is done, it's somewhat over 1000 linear feet (300m) of weedwhacking... and all of it at an awkward angle.

My back is not happy, at this point!

Once the weedwhacking to get the brick lines clear is completed, then the labyrinth gets the once-over with the lawn mower.


That final step not only mows the grass more evenly than the string trimmer, but it also serves as a nice "vacuum cleaner" that sucks all the loose bits into the grass bag.

We still have eight days till World Labyrinth Day, so there'll be another mowing and a bit or a "touchup" the day before... just so it looks its best.

Of course, it would look even better if World Labyrinth Day was in early July when the lavender is in full bloom! But we don't get to pick the date, alas...


There are still a few small jobs to be done: We have to finish deadheading any old stems on the lavender bushes, and we also need to tie back any that have ended up "leaning" excessively as a result of the weight of winter snows.

Having a backyard labyrinth is a lovely addition to our property, and we are always happy to host visiting labyrinth enthusiasts.

It is quite a lot of work to maintain... and it's all a labor of love, but we feel that it's well worth it!

Thanks for stopping by, and stay tuned for more labyrinth updates!

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 5 months ago  

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Wow, thank you @gardenhive, what an honor to be chosen!

Very cool, but it's a bit of work to get it in shape and keep it there. I expect there are benefits to having and using one though...

It is quite a bit of work to maintain, true, but worth it!

It is a great meditative tool, though. Unlike a maze, labyrinths only have one path in and one path out, there is no challenge, just a chance for a "guided walk" of sorts. Labyrinths have actually been present in our lives for millennia, all the way back to Neolithic times.

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A gorgeous labyrinth! ☺️

 5 months ago  

This is brilliant! The perfect place to meditate, I imagine. Goob job!

Yes, labyrinths are wonderful meditative tools; perhaps not as dramatic or pretty as mazes... but it all depends on what you're looking for.

I've seen a few labyrinths, but never in someone's back yard. Very nicely done!

Thank you! Ours was inspired by a visit to a lavender farm near Mt. Shasta in California... and we live in "lavender country" here, as well.

What a beautiful pastime for us meditative souls.