A Farm Name, A Farm Stand, A Little Free Library!

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It's been crazy busy since Our Last Update here at Pendock Farms!


Do you recognize that Roo? It's our 7 year old stud, Mr. Pendock! Yesss he's been in some #Hive adventures...

The background scene of our logo is overlooking beautiful Annapolis County, Nova Scotia, Canada where we are situated.

Pretty early in the growing season we had too many veggies to use and got going on the Farm Stand.


The Evolution of the Farm Stand

While Brendan got going on the big stand, we had this out on the driveway, I called it the carousal LOL. Unbelievably we had quite a few customers at it!


The Carousal


The Big Farm Stand


The Little Free Library #LFL on a swivel shelf.


Looking better...

The Farm Sign



It has 8 removable signs.



The "rules" of the Little Free Library.




Yeah, I do a little bit of baking heh heh...


Zucchini Lemon Loaf


Sourdough Bread, Nova Scotia Blueberry Cake


And OFC the Gramma Anne Buns!

I gave away a lot of free samples at first, people needed to try my baking to trust that I'm a G. Well, haven't had to put out any free samples for a long time now 😁 My sourdough and zucchini loaves are gone so fast now I can hardly keep up!

The Night Life


We started having nightly jam sessions at the stand. No joiners yet...

Farm Stand Complete!


With awning to keep out the sun and rain.


Produce fit to bursting, and we still have a lot that we are harvesting from the garden too. I could come out with wheelbarrows of tomatoes daily!

Lastly, a photo of our sweet Turkeys


Damn they look good!


How far is Michigan from you? I don't even know if I can get in your country, lol.

There is a ferry that comes here from Maine :D

What a great set up Nd should I come and join you in the night jamming session?

Sure let's do that! 😁

No problem I will get there WITHIN a short period

You guys got quite the setup there!! All that hard work is gonna pay off.

Thanks so much for da props! Good to see you @splatts!

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Wow well done you guys did a pretty good job. Though a bit Tough. Remember nothing goes in vain

Thanks so much @shimaya!

So nice to see this new post by you @Lynds... I love Farm Stands, especially those with homestyle fresh baked breads and cakes😎

I wish I could gift you some @angryman 😇

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100% support! <3 Great work there, so exciting! I hope its very successful.

Thank you for your support @lynds, really appreciate it! 👍

What a beautiful place have you build!

Thanks very much 😄

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