Building a sustainable fish farm

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It took me several months to build this fish ponds. It also may amaze you to know that I built it with crypto currency.


I support two crypto currency, mainly Bitcoin Cash and Hive. I built my multipurpose farm with crypto currency. I started my crypto journey since 2016


I built five fish ponds measuring 15 feet long, 12 feet width, and 4 feet height. I did the supervision by myself not knowing that I wasn’t getting everything alright. I’ve been learning all my life through the things that I pass through.

The pit at you see above is waste water collection point; this is where waste water from the fish ponds shall be discharged to after every 5 days. The discharged water will be used to water our garden where we planted seedlings and vegetables 🥦


After building the block section or phase of the pond, we plastered it with enough cement mixture to avoid leaking and soaking of too much water.

Another thing that you may observed is the covering of the ponds with steels and nets. This is necessary to avoid losing fishes to hawks and other birds and animals.

Now that our fish ponds are ready, I’ll talk about the process of preparing your newly established concrete ponds before it can be safe for fingerlings.


I'm happy to hear that you are able to accomplish your fish pond venture using crypto, congratulations, you did great on your crypto journey. I'm motivated to support your journey, 100% upvote together with the trail.

Thanks for sharing your progress, I'm also learning from it. The steel net cover is a clever solution, you're able to protect the fish while providing the pond with enough sunlight and air. I'm looking forward to your coming updates. Cheers!

You’re awesome! Thanks for your encouragement and kindness. I appreciate your support.

Yes, more updates are coming.

It’s my pleasure. Keep it up 👍

Weldone bross. God will give u more money to complete the project

I wish so, I’m grateful for good people that have come my way. Friends like you has been source of my encouragement all the way.

Can I have your discord code

You started all these with crypto? That's really impressive ooo.. and seems like a sure pathway.

Using profit from crypto to establish a physical business... then complementing both with the profits from both.

Outstanding 👏

I have supporters just as I’m willing to support others. Life is beautiful if only we understand the principle of living. Thanks for coming around.

That's true. No man can do it alone.... we all need each other, to build ourselves and support each other to grow.

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The steel covering is a good idea.

Yes, it’s a protective layer for the fingerlings. In Africa, there’re lots of carnivores birds that feeds on other birds and fishes. So covering fish ponds as this helps a lot.

Will these bricks withstand water pressure?

Good question! This is one of the reasons why I’m telling my story here so that others may learn from my story. Please tune in next time to know what happened.

That's pretty sweet you used Hive! I truly love this place. So what kind of fish will these be?

I used crypto currency; mainly Bitcoin Cash. I’ve also used Hive to achieve other goals and projects. Thanks for coming around.