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Hey Hey Hive Garden peeps I trust you are safe and well!

It has been a little while since we planted our Rose bushes along our fence line and now we are starting to progress and plan a veggie garden!
Give that it is supposed to be Spring and the weather is typically warmer this time of year but isn't. We have tried our hand at some spring veggies but I am not sure if they will take as we are still having many, many cold mornings.

We decided to put together a Video for our gardening sessions where you can watch us plant water mellon, Cucumbers, Corn, Carrots and Strawberries!

Despite the cold weather I think we will still have a decent uptake of plants as we are still getting some great sunlight and the additional rain means we don't need to worry about watering the veggies. Although there seems to be a lot of rain lately so we had dug out our veggie patches to
add garden soil to enable drainage and good root taking and nutrient absorption.

I think my favourite things that we put in this week to grow is the corn, not so much because they are the best as it is a hard pick between Water Mellons and Strawberries, but more so because their stalks grow so large and provide a cob at the top. My kids have never seen how Corn is grown so
planting some and growing it from scratch will be a worthwile experience for them.

I didn't want to plant anything that was going to take up too much space or crawl too far and I know I planted Water Mellon and Cucumber but I caved to pressure from little miss who really wanted to grow them in the backyard. But I think the location they have been planted in won't help their survival as there isn't enough
sun or ground cover for them to sprawl across but it is still a good exercise to have undertaken with the kids. Next time round I will pop in some tomatoes and capsicums although mum has already provided some feedback stating that she wants our veggie patch space turned into a beautfil garden and wants the roses extended all the way through.

So this might be our first and final year of a veggie patch but once we fix up the backyard we will be sure to add another veggie patch one with a bit more light access and better nutrients.

So how did you think we went in the video? do you have any tips or recommendations on what to plant or what we can improve on? I would love to hear back from you and how you found our video and what improvements we could do to increase viewership and engagement.

Have a wonderful day and I look forward to seeing you ll again soon!

Bye bye for now from me and the kids! Happy gardening!

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Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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I love your text summary of the garden activities that enrich your lives, and your future plans 💚 it’s late here so I just had a quick peak at the video (don’t want to wake my kids lol!) I think our children are about the same ages 😁

We like to garden too- well, my daughter likes to dig. ONLY dig 😂

Thank you for sharing, I hope this inspires everyone to play in the dirt with their kids, grow some awesome food, and have fun!💕😁

Haha yes my little one mainly likes to dig. She did try to plant a few but got a bit excited and broke a few of them lol

amazing, I hope you will get an amazing harvest friends and greetings, I hope you and your family are always healthy there.

Thank you so do we

That's is really good practices showing your kids how to cultivate strawberry 🍓. I enjoyed reading the post.

Thank you I am glad you enjoyed it