Garden Journal Bi-weekly Newsletter 29th November 2023

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This week I've been captivated by posts which touch on the discussion and problem solving side of gardening. I hope you find them all as interesting as I did and join in the conversations happening on them.


Do you grow herbs? I grow so many with the hope of putting them to good use, but rarely get past using oregano infused oil and adding rosemary to some dishes. So I was eager to read this recent offering from @ligayagardener on making herbal vinegars. I don't currently have the herbs used in this demonstration (although I may still have some nettles hiding from the sun after winter) or know why he chose them, but he has long been my go-to herb guru, so I recommend asking him your herb questions. I feel like we can get some information filled conversions going on this post.

@riverflows writes about water and drought cycles, as her state heads into drought again. It's often a big topic of conversation for gardeners as we deal with different weather challenges. What are the weather challenges you have to deal with where you are?

Meanwhile, over in France, @samstonehill has built a solar/compost greenhouse to contend with the sub zero temperatures that winter is bringing. As frost covers the rest of the garden, it certainly seems to be doing its job and keeping temperatures up inside. Testing done by both plants and human:

With the opening line "No single sort of garden suits everyone" I had to agree and see what @ifarmgirl had on offer for us. She brings us some fantastic inspirational photos from a gardening event she visited. Have you been inspired by other people's gardens which have impacted the way you chose to garden? Does your climate impact your style of gardening?

Beneficiaries go to @ligayagardener and @samstonehill.



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Hey ! It's a game-changer for me. It led me to connect with amazing folks like @ligayagardener and @samstonehill, and I'm so grateful for that. Exciting times ahead – I'm signing for my very first piece of land tomorrow! It's a little paradise in France with a stream, a pond, and a forest. Can't wait to draw inspiration from all of you for this new adventure. Thanks for being such a great source of ideas!

 3 months ago  

That sounds like an amazing piece of land. I'm looking forward to seeing your adventure, if you're sharing that with us. 😉

Congratulations to the four people in calling them amazing

As for my place, the rainy season is very influential on plants, some even die due to prolonged rain

 3 months ago  

Oh no! It's always sad when the weather gets too extreme for plants. We generally have the opposite issue here, not enough rain.

Do you have any methods to try and help them through the prolonged rain?

To overcome the problem of prolonged rain, it's a good idea to use it to make enough water reservoirs to overcome the problem of drought because the usual rain is at most one month, but the room period is very long, therefore we can make a reservoir or a decent place so that rainwater is always useful

Now that was an exceptional newsletter. The 4 posts you included in this edition were fabulous. So much information to consider delving into.

 3 months ago  

Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed and I hope you enjoy the posts too.

The posts were excellent as it's always fun to see what is happening in all corners of the world.

I grow herbs a lot because I stay with an aunt who produces liquid herb so I grow them with her and also cook them

 3 months ago  

Which are your favourite herbs to grow?

Interesting to discover about

Thank you for including mine. Will check out the others :)

 3 months ago  

You're welcome. I loved the photos, thank you for sharing

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