Garden Journal Weekly, 20th July 2022

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Welcome back to the regular newsletter. Before I continue with some of my favourite highlights, @riverflows has asked me to announce the winners for last week's comment edition. There were lots of great comments and wonderful conversations happening and I think a few of us enjoyed spamming upvotes where we could. Winners had to be picked, though, so congratulations to: 🥁

@proto26 for best comment


@fotostef for picking up on ALL the selfies so thoroughly!


As I settled down for my virtual stroll through Hive Gardens, @sreypov's title on making flower pots caught my eye. I wasn't disappointed when I jumped in to see, either. Forget boring plastic plant pots, these creations are all from natural, salvaged resources and they are striking in their simplicity.

Next I got to join @generikat and experience an example of a typical morning of chores on the Flicker Haven Farm. It's certainly a busy morning, but I kept getting distracted by the cute animals and gorgeous crops, so I almost missed how efficient she is!

Over at @senorcoconut's he discusses how cut and come again harvesting has been working for him. I love plants you can do this with, as it uses so much more energy to keep growing again from scratch every time you want a meal. I feel like there is less waste this way too.

With @goldenoakfarm you're nearly always going to learn something valuable from what looks like a simple harvest update. This time it was how soil and plant health make the biggest impact on pest resilience. How amazing are these bumper broccoli!


There are so many amazing gardening posts this week that I could spend the day wandering through them all! But I'm going to have to tear myself away and finish on @isdarmady's recent hydropnics update with those lush greens and pristine roots... I'm not even going to attempt to summarise or pretend I know anything about this, so I'll let you visit yourselves and learn from a master.


As always, thank you for joining me and beneficiaries this week will go to @sreypov, @isdarmady and @goldenoakfarm.



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 7 months ago  

I won the comment prize‽ Awesome! I had so much to say that night that I even may have left out a few tidbits (thank my spotty memory)! I'm already ready to do another gardening post! Is it time yet? Wait, I don't need an excuse to write about the garden! I just have to catch a break! I heard it's not too late to plant Japanese melons in my area yet. Are those the same as musk melons? Well, if they are not necessarily the same, I actually do have a Japanese musk melon variety that I've been wanting to plant since last year (I bought it in winter).

 7 months ago  

I've never heard of musk melons. If you plant them I want to read all about it. 🙂

 6 months ago  

Thanks for providing another great journal. I am yet to create my July garden journal update. Congratulations to the winner.
I think no one saw my comment - however I was a bit late.

 6 months ago  

There were so many comments, it must have gotten lost. I'm sure @riverflows would have been sorry to missed it. I'm sorry I did too.

 6 months ago  

Yes - I saw and read some of them. It was indeed a long list and I was later than most. I will ensure that I am not late with my July journal before it becomes August. 😀

 7 months ago  

Another great journal collection. Hive Gardeners sure are a multi-talented, industrious bunch.

I've got to give @fotostef a pat on the back for that stellar effort with the selfies! Wow!

 7 months ago  

He put us to shame, didn't he! 😅

There were so many wonderful posts this week. I didn't even get through all the usual tags I usually visit for it, for fear of being overwhelmed.

 7 months ago  

I reckon that as things get weirder in the world and folks turn ore to home growing, we're going to see a steady jump in the numbers of posts in this community, especially as folks here are already switched on to home growing.

 7 months ago  

Home growing is certainly getting more popular. We just need them to find Hive as well, now. 😁

 6 months ago  

Lots of folks aren't interested in blogging or crypto, so its hard to pull them away from their weeding even though there is a wealth of info here in this community. It takes all sorts, I guess.

 7 months ago  

Haha thanks :)

He got ALL of those selfies! That is really impressive. How did I miss the hydroponic post? Best I go spy out @isdarmady.

 7 months ago  

So impressive! Not just that, he even told us a bit more about each of them!!

I really admire Isdarmady's hydroponics. Nearly every newsletter I have one of his posts on the short-list to share, but I don't want to seem like I'm practising favouritism. 😅

As funny as that sounds, it's just the reality of Hive. There are some people you value and have greater interaction with. I definitely have my favourites - but then I don't have communities or weekly newletters that I need to run in an unbiased fashion (or at all). Thank you so much for all your efforts and that it is in a fair manner

Hi! This newsletter is a delight, congratulations in compiling so many wonderful posts. I slumbered onto a chair and read and saw all those lovely images. Thank you. Have a great new week!

 6 months ago  

Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed the highlights.

Another lovely weekly update, I had a lot of fun checking the posts. I also love the setup of @sreypov simple pots attached to the stairs, simple yet so lovely.

 7 months ago  

They were simply lovely! 😁 I wish we could do something like that here in South Australia, but it's just too dry. Maybe with succulents, though. 🤔

Lovely indeed. Oh, yes, using succulents is a great idea (^_^)

Oh, I am glad you interested it. Thank you 😊

You're welcome, it is simple, but it is a masterpiece (^_^)

i Have LOVED reading all the interesting posts this week too. A few regular members keeping us updated, and a few newbies too. Of particular interest is a train track i need to see moving... lol...


 7 months ago  

So many great posts! Yours was one of many I wanted to include but couldn't squeeze in. I love all the little planters you've got going.

lol... all good.. thanks love, yeah they are coming along. its raining today... at least i don't have to water them..

 7 months ago  

Fantastic newsletter as usual Mini... I love how you pick the best leaves from the hive gardening tree!

 7 months ago  

There were a lot of fantastic leaves this week. Almost too many to choose from!

Thanks for the mention!

 7 months ago  

Always a pleasure. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Many thanks for mention my post here.

 7 months ago  

You're welcome. Thank you for sharing, your pots were a delight to see. I love how you've set them all up on the stairs and patio too.