Off to the Ranch #28: Summer drought, compost & trail building

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Heeeyho Readers! More updates from our little ranch!

Not sure if this is a proper gardening post or a whining diary.

Every year is the same: community kicking up a fuss about the summer drought. Rightly so, since many live off the land and depend on the rain to cultivate various crops. The town's reservoir is running low and they are bringing truck-loads of water from far away — must be a hella expensive. Still, the municipality can't come up with a long term solution. {sigh... government}.

Our property, however, is self-sufficient in water. Although small, our well is enough to supply our needs; and there's the neighbor's dam if the first runs dry. Still, the fields are as dry as a German's sense of humor. {pa-dum-tss}.


Dry compost

We are half way through using the winter's compost without being able to start a new one. Earthworms are deep into the soil and not coming up. Also, we are unable to mow the lawn because it is so dry... which means not enough greens. Gotta keep on watering the fruit trees until rain sloshes down.


Our yard grass


Dry as fuck

The goods news is that a couple days of rain is enough to make our grass lively again. Note: We could use other sources of green, but there's not enough production to fill our compost box (fresh grass clippings and chicken manure work best for us).


Young wine

Our young wine trees are holding up pretty well, though we have to water them twice a day. Dad says he already prepared them to 'grow to the sides' (sorry, don't know the technical terms in English). From the little I know, once the trees reach a certain height we need to prepared them and stretch a wire for them to cling to. Get it?

It's a blast to see them grow. I comment to dad how they change every time I come to the ranch. Will we have grapes nest summer? Yum yum.

There's nothing much to add about last week. I spent the weekend doing minor tasks here and there and trying not to cook my loose brain under the sun. Dad's new house is 2/3 done, but I prefer to preserve his privacy... if he allows I'll share one day.


Carrying rocks


Trusty helper

Lastly, I spent some time working on the bicycle trail. Dad looks at me loading a wheelbarrow with rocks. Rocks? Where the hell are you going with this load? Errrr... going over there.

The plan is to build a 'rock garden', which means of rocks in bicycle terms {hah}. Jokes aside, it's basically an obstacle made of strategically piled boulders — or something else to make one break one's teeth.

I hope to bring a more 'gardenish' post next time; until then I got enjoy doing other smaller tasks.


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Those compost is really good for your plants soon.

 2 months ago  

It's been saving the trees during this drouth 🤗

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 3 months ago  

Super sexy! Thank you for the love

At last, it rained.☺️
Soon you'll finish your garden. You've been working hard to finish it. Have a nice day. ☺️

 3 months ago  

It did! How do you know? 😐
Was't enough but better than none, right? Thank you for the lovely comment

You're welcome. ☺️

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 3 months ago  

😍 Thank you for the love

Looks like you've been pretty busy lately! I would love to see the finished version of your rock garden 😄

 3 months ago  

If not a vegetable garden, a rock garden will do it hahahaha

I'll record a video, but let me forward: i crashed three times already and it's not even finished