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Welcome to my blog

Greetings to all the gardeners of the world! Today, I am a little nostalgic, and I want to communicate these observations around me. I don't know what has happened that nobody wants to have the patios to have gardens and to have fruit or ornamental trees. In my childhood in all the patios were used to plant oranges, cherries, lemons, tamarind, guava, had their beds of cilantro, chives, that is to say, family gardens.

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I tell you this anecdote: 05 years ago some friends had a fig tree, every year it bore fruit and I even made some sweets, and they were in a dilemma because they were going to cut it down because it produced more leaves and the lady of the house wanted to finish with those leaves and wanted to cement what was left of the patio, when I knew I thought they should not, but I did not have enough confidence to intervene and they did what they had planned, cut the plant and put more floors. At my parents' house they removed some plants for my sister to build her house and she did not leave an inch of soil, she only has some small plants in hanging pots and in small pots. Another friend also did the same thing, only spaces for a palm tree and only pots. Another relative also has only cement patios, they are spaces where the sun feels stronger.

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I have also observed that there are some places where the patios have sick trees, without production, it does not provoke them to restore or reactivate their gardens, because they are very adult people and that there are no incentives or education in schools to motivate them from childhood love for plants and less the young people. Like the song “Love was lost, by Rocío Jurado”, that is, there is no passion.

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I have been touring several houses to buy, because there are none to rent, it is over here nobody wants to rent. So all the yards are reduced and cemented. I am uncertain about the exorbitant costs, the houses are neglected and without gardens, which makes me think and worry because the time of eviction is approaching and I can't find a place to stay in the days to come. It is a total anguish, I can only take refuge in my small garden for the moment and I try to keep some seedlings of lilacs, lemons, tapara, grapefruit that days ago I changed the bags for recyclable ones of a food product and I renewed the soil with fertilizer and irrigation of a biofertilizer that my daughter made at the university, because if not I will have to give away or plant in the yard of someone interested in adopting my plants. Here are some pictures of my garden.

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As you can see the plants have done very well the last rains, they are beautiful, they have bloomed and the ones I had in the living room because of the intense sun I took them out so that the rainwater cleaned the dust from their leaves. All these days the weather has been cool, and it has rained almost daily.

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I would like to know if the same thing is happening to you, have you noticed that the gardens have been reduced by a large percentage?

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There are fewer fruit trees and shrubs in our yards, more cement and flower pots.

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Well my #HiveGarden friends, have a nice day!

💖💖💖Everything with LOVE is achieved💖💖💖

So much for my publication. Thank you for reading.❤

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Hope you find a place soon to rent or buy (≧▽≦). Anyways, you have a plan to take all these beauties on your new house if ever you find one?

The plants in our place haven't reduce yet, there are still part of our house that is not cemented yet. We have trees and plants, flowers everywhere so they can continue to grow anytime they want. In fact we planted more or them like Papaya Tree and more Guava tree. As for the plants we used recycled basin or bin to plant some of them.

 4 months ago  

Greetings, of course if I get a house, all cemented I move them all as well as a vertical garden. I'm glad you still have fruit trees and that you use recycled containers, that's the way it should be. Thanks for stopping by and for the nice comment, Good morning.


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¡Muchas gracias por el apoyo. Feliz dia!.


 4 months ago  

Thanks ❤

Your patio garden is very beautiful and an inspiration! I hope more people decorate their small spaces with flowers and trees.

 4 months ago  

Thank you so much @libra.gardener, for stopping by and leaving your nice comment, I appreciate it. Happy start of the week.🌻

This is being seen a lot in the country. People take away natural life, to make way for constructions for their children. Partly because of the high cost of housing and land.

It's not a practice I agree with. But, everyone makes their own decisions.

I hope, you can solve your situation.

I love your plants. I see you have purple clovers. I've already seen them a couple of times, they are very interesting. I have green ones with 3 leaves and yellow flower.

 4 months ago  

Yes they are white flowered purple clovers, but they are very weak. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving this nice comment. I appreciate it. happy day @zulfrontado!