Fresh Honey from my Garden

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After almost 4 months I decided to remove honey from the bee hive in my garden. The good part of having a bee hive in the garden is this only, that you get pure homemade honey and it is not just one time, you can get it in multiple cycles. The last time I extracted honey that was 4 months back and now it's time again. Though this time the hive had not grown much, one reason being that the place it was in there was not much room for it to grow, so I also wanted to shift it to a better place.

One of my Omani friend is expert in this and he helps me manage the bee hive. He told me that this is a good season after summer to extract hive, but then due to the position of the hive mine has not been at it's best. Still when the honey was extracted, I got it better then the last time. Last time it was just quarter of a bottle and this time I could get a little more than half the bottle. I am happy with this as well. I use this honey very miserly, more as a medicine, when I have a soar throat or cold cough issues.

He is doing all the job, I am only taking pictures from a distance. It's marvelous to see how he does it without any sort of protection and yet not even a single honey bite he gets nor did I. They were flying all over but it was safe.


Some part of the bee hive is again put back for it produce more honey for the next cycle.

Honey will be extracted from the parts of the bee hive that he cut out


The remaining part of the bee hive he assembled it again on the top part of the plant, we wanted to shift it to another place in the garden but there was nothin suitable so we shifted on the same plant but on the upper side so that it would get enough room to grow. Before I would be very scared going near to the plant, but now I am not. Unless you do not disturb them they are very peaceful and will not bite

I kept the bowl in the sunlight for a couple of hours and all the honey came out. I strained it and then filled it up in the bottle. My friend also told me that I could consume the whole thing also there is no issue but then I was not comfortable with it because I find it very chewy and sticky.


I feel so so happy with this. I love it when anything comes straight from my garden into my kitchen. It feels fulfilling to do these things. I Just cannot wait to start my gardening in my new home and have lot of my home grown food for day to day consumption.

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Oh my, I don't think there's anything more beautiful than harvesting your own stuff and enjoying it too. I would've been so scared to go near but look at all that honey!
I hope with the measures you've taken, that there'll even be more honey in the next cycle.

Absolutely, it is so beautiful to have it growing in my garden.
I used to be scared before, but now it's been a year in my garden and it's harmless so I am not scared anymore.

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Yumm. I consume honey every morning. But my honey is store bought tho.

It's a very healthy practice

The guy who manages the bee hive is really trying
What if the bee stings him? That’s risky you know but I’m glad you are getting raw honey from the bee

He is an expert and a champion in doing this work. They never sting him, I've seen him doing it multiple times and he does it so effortlessly

How I wish we close, I would like to get this honey, I love natural honey

It is nice to have it in your garden

 3 months ago  

That is a good idea to shift the hive to another place without hurting bees. He is doing a good job. In our garden, the bees make hives very high up on the coconut palm nobody wants to climb the tall tree to get honey. some birds or small animals enjoy that. greetings

Your garden must really contain a lot of fresh plants worth admiring of

I have quite a few and I enjoy having them around

Yea definitely

wow!! you are so lucky to have your own honey!! it's so interesting! and yeah - from garden to kitchen is an ideal variant;)

This time I have got only half a bottle, but it's still better then last time. I wish to do more of these things when my home is ready :-)

This is the first time I am seeing the harvest process of honey.
Well done 👍🏽

Thank you. It's a very small one, but yet I love it