My Garden today morning

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It's been a beautiful morning, lot of work to do but it still feels very bright and a happy day. One reason is also that morning I spent a good amount of time in my garden. There was some soil work to be done and also just the regular maintenance, which I normally do it once a month. With the climate getting better, flowers have also started growing which is making my place look colorful and bright.

Can you see the bee hive on my plant, it is the best thing in my garden. I am so much in love with it. One time I did remove honey also from it, now again it's filled up so in a day or two one of my friend who is specialized in removing it will do it for me. Trust me this honey is so pure and good. I use it for medicinal purpose, specially when I have some throat issues.

The only issue is because of the hive I am not able to take good care of this plant as I cannot disturb it. This time I have told my friend to transfer the hive to some other place so that the plant gets free and I can manage it well.

Beuatiful flowers grow on this Desert Rose in shades of white and pink. For this season yet there are no flowers that have come up, but I am sure in a month's time or so there will be. This is one of my oldest plant in the garden

On one of them some flowers have come up


My Aloe has been growing very well

This plant Purslane resembles like Jade, it is a bigger version of it. Can also be consumed, not good for those who have kidney problems since it has high level of oxalates.

My Basil plant, which gives out very soothing fragrance in my garden

These are some new flower pots, hopefully in a few days flowers will come out of it

I love the vibe and the energy that my garden gives. Morning when I wake up the first thing I see are my plants, they are on the balcony which faces my bed and it is such a wonderful thing to see them first thing in the morning. This is my happiest place.

Thank you for visiting my blog. 👼🏻👼🏻💖💖🌹🌺🌸



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The rose is so lovely! Hope you are well, darlng - a long time no see!

Thank you my dear. I have been doing very good, just too much occupied with my home building project. But you will still find me here daily :-)
Hope all is well at your end too @riverflows

I love the view of the garden

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Your garden looks beautiful. I love that purple flower

I love desert roses and if, in addition to their flowers, they can give me honey, it would be truly wonderful. Your garden is a charm @nainaztengra 🌸

Thank you for the compliments

wow... so big! my garden is small now, but I wanna grow it to the big exactly from the small one, not just buying big plants. My long way, but it's mine;))

It's grown over the last 5 years. I started with just one pot and that too a wild plant. I am sure yours will thrive too my dear

Seeing the garden enhances the beauty of the house.In which one after another new flowers are seen in winter. You may break your garden umbrella as it may cause you problems in future.

I do regular maintenance of my garden to make sure there is no problem

My happiest place is my garden balcony too. But your view is soo much better than mine. I planning to clean up my balcany soon. Thanks for inspiring me😊

These spaces always make us feel good because they are created by us

We call this plant "Kalatsutsi"

That's good to learn. Thank you

You're welcome, have a nice day ahead.

I want to start a small garden with aromatic plants, will I finish deciding to start it?
The subject of the hive, I would be a little scared to have them so close, but it attracts me to have pure honey so close to home.

Haha, that always happens. For me also it took a long time to start but once I did there was no looking back.