Biochar - the permanent compost

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As every year I collect twigs and wood from trees pruning and from everywhere I can find wood material to make biochar.




First I dig a cone-shaped hole, wide and deep enough to collect wood materials. I аlso fill 2 large basins with water to have on hand if the fire breaks out somewhere. The start the fire with small stiks first and when it's flares up. I start with the thick ones and alternate them.


And burning is starting


The most important thing is when the wood starts to turn white and before it turns to ash, it is to constantly add new sticks to suffocate the burning of the lower layer.




After burning all the wood, I poured water over everything, then stirred and chopped the large coals with the shovel.




After burning, the next important thing is to activate biochar with a high nitrogen content. Because if it is put into the soil before it is activated, it will start to leach nitrogen from the soil and it will not be good for the plants. Therefore, it first activates to start excreting nitrogen instead of taking it in






When the water drained, I added plants with a high nitrogen content such as clover and comfrey, mixed well, and crushed more charcoal. I left them like this for about a month until the comfrey tea was ready.




Which is very easy to prepare. You collect comfrey, chop it and leave it in a bucket and fill it with water. After 2 to 4 weeks it is ready for use.


I poured the charcoal with comfrey tea and 3 months after activation it is ready for use in the soil. It is best to bury to be closer to the roots of the plants than to put it as mulch.


Wow, super interesting - I have certainly heard of biochar and now with your words and the accompanying images I feel like I can give this process a try. Thanks for sharing!

I'm glad I could be of help to you with this post.I wish you success and good season next year. !BEER

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This is the first time that I heard about biochar. I got lots of unused woods so I think I am going to try this out.

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Yes, this is a very elegant and useful way to get rid of unwanted wood material.

Indeed. Good evening.

I wish I had a garden right now! !BEER
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Hope you have soon. I live in Burgas. Thank you for stopping by !BEER

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