Compost bin - Upgrade

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My old composter was one container system of about 2 cubic meters and I really wanted to make a 3 container system, but I still didn't have the excess money to spend on new wood materials.



So I decided to use old wood planks from the shed that was demolished last week. I removed the nails and started sorting planks by length, then start building 3 bin compost system. It turned out very well, not perfect but it will work for at least 2 to 3 years. It's in height 1.5m, width 1m, and length 4m.


I couldn't wait and first I made 3th 1x1x1.5m cage for the ready compost that I had about 0.5 cubic meters. Fill it watered and it was ready for use. The second is the same dimension for compost on 3-4 months. And final the first is for fresh materials 1x2x1.5m.




From the old bin took the fresh materials for the first bin and on the bottom fill the second one.




Now it must be easier to turn from one bin to another and I hope they get more heat on the first one, because it's taller,


As wise gardeners say - there are no mistakes, there are experiments!


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That is very great work! It is good to ensure that the compost is given more attention to be able to decompost. One thing that I have learnt is sprinkling of water on it, knocking with stick to creat air for bacterial decomposition, even though it needs great heat for more action of bacterial to act. Thanks for your good job, Buddy!

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On the next mix round, I think to put 2 or 3 pipes with holes in the first section to introduce more air in the middle

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Oh my - that looks like an amazing DIY project!! @diyhub

If you have herbal things and wisdom to contribute, @artemislives is working to bring the Herbal Hive - a sister community to Hive Garden - back to life. Maybe you could join the current comment challenge??

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I'll keep in mind for Herbal hive in the future

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