Fruits of our labour

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We started planting our crops and seeds much later than our neighbours as we had to prepare the garden first because there was no autumn cleaning done last year. While our neighbours started to clean their garden already we still enjoy our fresh produce. We are so grateful for abundance of almost everything that we planted.

Our most successful plants are all kinds of peppers. I haven't expected that they will grow so many of them, so I planted too many plants. Next year I will plant half of what I did this year and use the space for something else. I have already canned almost 40 glasses of pepper/tomato sauce and there are still more peppers to come!


We had to pull out all carrots from one of our beds and mice started munching on them. I left the ones that they started eating in the soil, so that they don't move to another bed. Let's see how this goes. I have never stored carrots before, so now I'm deciding if to put them in sand or if I should roll them in newspapers and store them in a dark bag. Any idea which one would work better?


At first I wanted to can the beets, but then I decided to make chips instead. I sliced them thinly, coated them in a bit of olive oil and sprinkled them with salt. After 15 minutes I removed the liquid and lined them one by one on a baking sheet. They should not overlap because that would make them soggy. I baked them on 150 degrees for 20-25 minutes.


Look at the colour! Letting them sweat them makes all the difference. If you don't let them sweat you will get very dark chewy chips. These one were crunchy and delicious. We ate them in less than 5 minutes 🙂


Our potato harvest was much smaller than we expected and I think it's because I didn't water them properly. I was afraid to overwater them. Next year I will try to plant them in bag again, but a bit differently, so let's see how it will go. Even though we didn't get as many as we hoped for they have a decent size and taste great too.


Nothing can stop our chillies! 2 kilos are already in the process of drying and I think that these will be used for chilli sauce as we can eat only that much of dried chillies 🙂


Our herbs are out of control, so I picked a bunch of them to dry. This is my favourite tangerine sage with its beautiful blossom. It's more versatile herb than I expected and I use it in teas, salads and herby butters.


African basil is a paradise for bees. No worries, I left plenty for them too. It would be nice to add them to flower bouquets too.


I'm drying mint leaves for my family as I can't drink mint tea as it gives me bad headaches. I have no problem with a mojito though!


There is nothing better than self sowed lettuce! We left our old lettuce to grow in seed for next year and we have just noticed that some of the pods opened and now we have tons of baby lettuce in our raised bed.


I have realized that I have never showed you my chives. I love them so much and eat them literally every day. We are lucky with abundance of chives, so every time we go to the garden we take a bunch with us.


This is my surprise plant. I believe it's called Aspen Daisy. I wanted to remove it at first as it was a green bush all summer long. Later, I could see some small buds, so I let it be and when we returned from our vacation we saw this large green bush filled with countless purple flowers.


We have never had roses in my family, and I didn't know that they will bloom twice. What a nice surprise! I will prune them this month, so that they are this pretty next year as well.


I have no idea how this is called, but look at those cute tiny flowers.


Dahlias are the courtesy of the previous owner who let the bulbs in the ground. Last winter was mild, so some of the bulbs survived.


Our peppers ready for cooking. They were so pretty that I was feeling bad for them 🙂


I think we have enough lettuce seeds for next year 🙂 And of course we don't know what kind of lettuce we will get as we took seeds from random plants. There will be many surprises next year!


See you next time!


Vidím, že vaše letošní epická úroda stále nekončí! :D To je fakt neskutečné. 40 zavařených sklenic jenom s paprikama a rajčatama? To budete prodávat, ne? :D Ty čipsy z červené řepy vypadají skvěle, jak plátky růže :) Věřím, že byly i na chuť moc dobré, ale asi je s tím hodně práce, že? A pak se to všechno sní za pár minut :D Bylinky taky luxus, fakt se vám letos urodilo, to musí sousedi závidět :D

No nekončí 😁 ešte stále je čo zbierať, len to pomaly nemáme kde skladovať--

Ale čo si, to pojeme sami. Je to úplne super ako základ do omáčok, napr. do paradajkovej, na patata bravas, zapekanú zeleninu v trúbe, atď.

Áno, áno, no trvalo mi to pol dňa 😅 mám len jeden plech do trúby a keďže sa to ukladá vedľa seba, tak sa toho veľa nezmestí. Potom sa to 20 minút pečie a všetko odznova 🙂 Ale boli super, lepšie ako z obchodu.

Byliniek mám tiež toľko, že neviem čo s nimi robiť. Rozmýšľam, že pripravím nejaké vianočné darčeky, keďže sa toho inak nezbavím 🙂

To zní jako spousta starostí, ale věřím, že příjemných :) Já bych ani nevěděl, jakým způsobem takovou úrodu zpracovat. Znám jenom zavařování, sušení a mražení :D Ale vy si určitě nějak poradíte ;) Tak ať vám to všechno chutná a ve zdraví si toho užijete!

It's is true that a labourer is Worthy of wages, enjoy you wages

Omg so many peppers. I hope you like spicy food lol. Btw pickled/fermented carrots are super yum! Have a beautiful day.

This is our 3 harvest of peppers like this and then will be at least 2 more 😁

Oh, we do! My husband eat chillies every day, so we are excited about our harvest 🙂

Have a beautiful day too!

These varieties of pepper are cultivated here too. They look very fresh and they are more hotter than the long ones

They are delicious 🙂 Thank you for stopping by!

It seems that you got a good harvest. As for me, I am hoping a good harvest soon.

Good luck with that! 🙂

Thank you.

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