Garden in November

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Yesterday, we enjoyed a few hours without rain, so we took the opportunity and went to the garden to see what's happening there. It's almost ready for winter (at least the part where we grow vegetables), and I couldn't wait to see my ground cover plants. I was afraid that I planted them too late and that they wouldn't come out, so I was happy to see that I was wrong. And we also got some other surprises!

We have two sorts of raspberry bushes and we've been enjoying raspberries since May. I had no idea that I will harvest raspberries until November, and there are still a few left on the bushes.


I have planted the second batch of beans at the beginning of August with our neighbours shaking their heads and telling me that there is no way that I would be able to harvest the beans this year as it will be too cold for them.

I proved them wrong! We had much better harvest from this batch and every time I harvest them I think that this is the last time until I see another surprise and more beans! I think that yesterday I harvested the last ones but who knows? 😊 There are still some flowers, so maybe I will have a few more...


I planted the lamb's lettuce a couple of weeks ago and it's growing nicely. It is however a very slow grower, so we might be able to harvest it only in December. We will also cover it on Saturday as there is way too much rain. I have also noticed that three of them are gone, and I believe that mice have visited my bed. I'm happy to share as long as they leave some for us too...


My onions are coming out too. The yellow ones are the fastest, followed by the red ones. The white onions haven't even started to sprout yet. I have no experience with white onion, so don't know if it's normal or not, but if it doesn't work out I will plant something else there in spring instead.


The African basil is still attracting bees and other insects, but its leaves are yellowing a bit already. It grew so much! This photo is from yesterday...


And this one is from June...


The tangerine sage is flourishing too. It's not a hardy plant, and I will try to cover it for winter, so I hope it will survive.


Look how tiny it was in June!


I have planted some lamb's lettuce in our greenhouse. It looks so pretty, but yesterday I noticed that it was damaged. Then I found the culprits - slugs! In the evening, my husband went back to the garden and collected 16 slugs in the greenhouse. It's good that we noticed the damage as otherwise they would finish our lettuce before we could even lay our hands on it. Before you ask, we release the slugs in the forest.


I've seen on the Internet that slugs don't like lamb's lettuce. Well, really? I think that when they're hungry they eat whatever they find...


I have two sorts of ground covers. This is a mix of various grains, such as buckwheat, rye, etc. In spring, we will add it to the soil instead of compost when we prepare our beds for planting. It also works great against weeds as its large root system pushes the weeds away.


And this is mustard. I have planted it in places with deeply rooted weeds. It will grow tall over winter, then we will cut it down and add it to the soil in spring.


This is my largest bed with the ground cover. They look so pretty!


When we took over the garden I thought that the rosemary bush was large. It doubled in size this year even though I harvested plenty. I will have to cut half of it as it will soon cover our entire garden house.


It also started to flower again. Those tiny flowers are delicious as they are not as strong as the branches, so you can also use them to decorate your salads.


Sage is enjoying the last days before I prune it down for winter...


And the raspberries! The leaves are yellowing, but berries keep coming...



My roses refuse to go dormant. Now, they started to push red leaves. I have never seen that before, but I'm also no expert on roses as we have never had them at home. I have no idea how to prune it, but one of my neighbours knows an expert who will come in spring to help me do it properly. The roses are beautiful and I don't want to damage them.


And this is how the weather looks like today and probably in the comings weeks. It keeps raining and it's so dark. At least we had those few hours in the garden yesterday 😊


I didn't expect to share updates from my garden in November, but it looks like that there will be more updates to come. I haven't even planted garlic yet! And I will also show you our 'jungle' behind the garden house when I will try to clean it and somehow manage its growth.

Until next time...


Letošní počasí je fakt neuvěřitelné. Nám zrovna na balkoně začal kvést ibišek a cherry rajčátka kvetou a plodí v jednom kuse už od jara :)




Ale to je nic proti vaší zahradě, která si dál jede na letní vlně, přestože za měsíc a něco tu máme Vánoce :D Fakt šílené. Nám se to teď líbí, ale pro přírodu tohle není dobře :/

Btw věta "I believe that mice have visited my bed" pobavila, asi si umíš představit, co mě napadlo jako první :D

@tipu curate 6

Tak to máte na balkóne krásne. My máme ešte tieť pár cherry paradajok, ale vaše rastliny vyzerajú omnoho zdravšie a krajšie. Ale u nás je zima už dva týždne, takže sa čudujem, že ešte nepomrzli.

To čo máme posadené teraz je len na zimu. Polníček vydrží až do mínus 15 a to zelené hnojivo by malo rásť tiež. Uvidíme..

Hahaha, no keď sa no pozerám spätne, mohla som napísať vegetable bed 😂

Your garden is a beautiful and bountiful oasis! It's heartwarming to see all the fruits, vegetables, and herbs flourishing. I'm particularly impressed with your raspberry harvest extending into November – what a treat!

It's great to see your dedication to maintaining the garden, and your care for the environment by releasing the slugs in the forest. The ground cover plants look lovely and practical for maintaining the soil.

Your garden, with its diverse flora, is a testament to your hard work and love for nature. I hope you continue to enjoy the fruits of your labor, and I look forward to more updates from your garden. It's truly inspiring! 🌿🌼🍓

Thank you for your kind words! It's indeed a hard work, but so rewarding 😊

We release all creatures that don't belong in our garden 😊

Right now, the garden is almost empty, but I can't wait for spring to fill it with vegetables again..

Have a lovely day!

You're very welcome! Your hard work in the garden definitely pays off, and it's a labor of love that brings such rewarding results. I share your anticipation for the coming spring when your garden will burst with life once again.

Wishing you a lovely day too, and I'm looking forward to your future updates as your garden continues to flourish. Keep up the fantastic work! 🌱🌻🍅

I have a bitter-sweet feeling reading about your garden (is it your garden or your allotment that you write about here?.
I had an allotment too, but before I was able to make it thrive as yours, it was taken back by the council, as I forgot to pay the rent on time 🙈
Never mind. Probably I need to focus more on my own garden behind my house that needs some work.

I love the pictures of your basil and sage plants and the huge difference in size over just a few months. Very impressive. The rosemary grows so very fast. I find the same to be true in my garden, despite keep pruning it.

I have a few roses in my garden and I’m not sure it matters much how we prune them. I do it randomly when I feel like and those resilient types I have grow back stronger no matter what, while the flimsy ones seem to be struggling without even me touching them 😉

Love to see you ground cover when it grows tall and what you do with it then. I read about ground covers, but I don’t think I fully understood how it all works.

Enjoy your late raspberries! Last year I was also picking them until the frosts 🤩

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It's an allotment, and fortunately such situation could not happen to me as I'm in the council 😁 But I'm sorry to hear that it happened to you. We usually remind people several times before such drastic measures take place..

The thing is that I don't use rosemary that much, so it's frankly piling in my kitchen. I might start using it as some sort of decoration - need to think about that..

Yeah, I've heard that I should not worry too much about pruning them, but they really are so special that I don't want to screw it up. And since I can have an expert opinion I think it makes sense for me to wait 😊

I will keep posting updates about the ground cover. It's so pretty already!

Thank you so much for your kind words! 😊

Oh, it was done in a rather sneaky way. I never got the letter sent to my house, just brief email as someone who’s allotment holder there for years moaned that it wasn’t cultivated, which was not true.
It hit me hard at that time, but then I thought that it’s maybe for the best. I have a garden big enough to cultivate a few edibles if I get rid of the lawn and my garden was neglected as I was split between the two, so it’s all for the best I guess 😉

Me neither! Actually I never use it for cooking, no idea what to do with it, but rosemary is also great for memory/concentration, so if you cut a few branches and put them in a vase close to your working space it might do a world of good.

I totally get it! At first I was also very precious about my roses. I was reading and watching videos to learn everything there is, so of course, if you have an expert you can learn from that’s amazing!

Feel free to tag me when you post your ground cover updates 💙

Dear @plantfuljourney, you just got hugged.
I sent 1.0 HUG on behalf of @fantagira.

Wow! You grew lots of vegetables in your garden. I liked so much. We also grew some vegetables Ina very short place. Eating fresh vegetables that grew by yourselves is tremendous.

Well, now it's almost empty.. but we had all kind of vegetables in summer 😊

Thank you for stopping by!

Your garden is beautiful and so prolific! I have a few big rosemary bushes but have yet to see them bloom. Maybe I need to feed it more nutrients. I just love your garden!

I only water my rosemary and it keeps growing like weeds. In summer, we had so many flowers that we couldn't even see the branches 😊 Maybe yours would need more sun?

Thanks a lot for your kind words!

We have two sorts of raspberry bushes and we've been enjoying raspberries since May.

Awwwwwwwww enjoying what you grow yourself is wonderful!

This made me smile, they look so cute in a straight line 😊

Hahaha, yes, I like linear 😂

Same here, looking at them has some kind of soothing feeling 😊

Hmmm raspberries. I miss them so much. I have tried growing Cambodia but they don't seems to like the tropics :( Love your garden. Well done! Have a beautiful day

Oh, I'm sure you have other things there that you can enjoy from your garden 😊

Have a lovely day too!

You have an amazing garden. My beans too just started making flowers. I hope to harvest them soon

Good luck with them! 😊

Thank you