Late June Garden Report

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I knew those zucchini and yellow crookneck starts were awfully small to be put out into the garden, but I did it anyway. That was on June 15th. I was gone for a few days, and the weather warmed up considerably in my absence. The little plant starts were not happy, especially the zucchini. This past Monday I decided they were mostly dead, and dubbed them Westley Zucchini. (Fans of The Princess Bride will understand the reference.)


Of six little starts, only one looks like it might survive, so I kept it. (See next photo.) The rest went into the discard pile.


Then I replaced the Westley zucchini plants with fresh ones from a local greenhouse. Much better:


One hill of Sweet Mama squash is not looking good, as is one hill of Sunshine Kabocha. I don't understand why three hills of each are just fine, while one hill of each looks pathetic. Perhaps I didn't handle them carefully enough.

20220628_092311 trimmed_1.jpg

Happy Sweet Mama

20220628_092317 trimmed_1.jpg

Unhappy Sweet Mama

20220628_092445 trimmed_1.jpg

Happy Sunshine Kabocha

20220628_092454 trimmed_1.jpg

Unhappy Sunshine Kabocha

Other squash in the garden look like they are going to be okay:

20220628_092404 trimmed_1.jpg

The delicata is a bit pale, but should make it.


The yellow crooknecks I started myself are doing much better than the zucchini I started.

20220628_092352 trimmed_1.jpg

I thought Bagheera sounded like a fun squash variety, so I bought one.

20220628_092419 trimmed_1.jpg

Hokkaida also sounded interesting, and I've grown Sugar Dumpling before, and we like it, so I got one of those, too.

I opted to focus on squash this summer because they are fairly low maintenance. Since spring was so wet and chilly, I hope summer lasts well into September so these have a chance to produce plenty of tasty squashes.

My gladiolas are up now, as are the potatoes; both got planted a month late, due to the weather and ambition levels. The tomato and pepper plants are looking okay. I still haven't put the cucumber plants out in the garden, because they are still very tiny. Maybe we'll finally be eating cucumbers in September!

All photos taken on my Android phone.


We planted yellow crooked neck squash this summer but we have trouble with bugs getting them, the only squash that does well down here is called Seminole squash, the Seminole Indians grew it. It looks more like a winter squash but grows well all summer. One vine can produce more squash than we can eat.

That sounds like a good variety to grow,then!

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 7 months ago  

Who knows why some die and others thrive... Sometimes gardening is a mystery!

Yep, that sums it up!

I hope all the plants grow well. I have no knowledge in gardening, only knows how to go market to buy them. If all survive well, they can make great salad. :)

I hope the weather cooperates for the remainder of the summer, so late plantings can still mature.

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Thank you so much! I will check out the DIY community.

 7 months ago  

Happy July! It's #gardenjournal time! Write about your garden - progress, successes, failures, tips, hints, plans and dreams - to connect with other gardeners and win HIVE. 🌱

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