Off to the Greenhouse!

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This past Tuesday I decided it was time to visit my favorite greenhouse. It's several miles away, but well worth the trip. As you can see by the following photo, it was a beautiful day for a drive in the country!


Although the selection is more limited by June, the prices have gone down. So that's my preferred time to go. Petunias, cucumbers, yellow squash, and marigolds were abundant, along with several other flower and vegetable varieties.


Just look at all the different color combinations available in the hanging (sitting) baskets! And I didn't photograph every possibility, either.

20220607_112208 trimmed_1.jpg

20220607_112010 trimmed_1.jpg

20220607_112157 trimmed_1.jpg


20220607_111904 trimmed_1.jpg

20220607_112340 trimmed_1.jpg

Need geraniums? There are plenty of them left!


I bet the reader is wondering what I actually purchased. Here is the answer:



It conveniently rained during the night after I planted these petunias, so they got an extra dose of rainwater. I also bought a flat of marigolds to plant here and there in the vegetable garden, and two pepper plants. I hope to do more planting this weekend, and post more pictures of gardening progress.

All photos taken on my Android phone.


Well done. Looks beautiful ... Great flowers ! 👍🏻🤪❤️❤️❤️

Thank you! I am very pleased with them.

The flowers look great, but that first pic is amazing!

yea the sky looks great

It makes me happy when a photo turns out so well. Glad you like it, too.

I am pleased you like it. That's a lovely valley.

I love the flowers. they are so lovely to look at, it feels like my stress is growing away while I am looking at them. Good evening!

If it will just quit raining so much, I will enjoy sitting on the porch and de-stressing with my flowers. Right now I am settling for looking out the window at them.