Our School Garden: Fruitful aid for everyone

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Hello, and howdy garden lovers. How are you today? How was your garden doing? I hope everyone is doing great!

Today, I will give you an update about our school garden. I made a post here about my garden. The planting time is until the plants bloom and we harvest the fruits of our labor. This time I will share with you what our school garden looks like after striving hard during the summertime. And hoping for the rainy days to come now so that more plants will survive.

Gardening is essential to everyone. It will help us in many ways. It helps us as a means to survive in our daily needs. Some made it a living especially those who are fortunate enough that they had the lands to be planted. Lucky are those people, but those who do not have the land, are buying vegetables in the market or in their neighborhood to cook healthy meals for their families.

When we planted our plot with the vegetables assigned to us, lady's finger, eggplant, and tomatoes, we are glad that soon we will have something to harvest.

My class is very much happy that the plants are healthy and in full bloom because if these plants will bear fruits, for sure they can benefit from this also.

In March, my plants started to bear fruits and we had some harvest weekly from our area. Sometimes, my students will be the ones who get the vegetables from the garden and I let them bring them at home for free.

The Fruits of Our Labor
These are some of the harvests we had from the little space assigned to my advisory, we had lady's finger, eggplant, and some tomatoes. We barely had tomatoes during our harvest because my co-teacher will just get some from the garden and eat it raw.

Eventually, all in all, we harvested 6kg of eggplants already from our small garden and 5kg of lady's finger. For the harvest, some will be paid by my co-teacher while some will just be given to my students so that they can have some on the tables.

After harvesting, together with my advisory class, we put it on the weighing scale to determine how many kilograms of vegetables we harvested during that day and it will be recorded.

To earn something out of the hard work that my students and I worked on, selling to my co-teachers and even the principal will be the best idea. It has a lesser price compared to the prices in the market. Our school principal also supported this idea to have a return of interest to the seeds being brought by the school.

With my school principal who bought some vegetables from the harvest

Garden Update
Because it's summertime already, some of the plants were easily damaged because of the heat of the sun. The plants do not survive throughout. Our tomatoes died so fast because the leaves of the tomatoes greatly affected the heat but luckily the eggplants and lady fingers survived. On the other hand, our lady's fingers turn mature easily because of too much heat.

On the other hand, the growing kangkong plants of my co-teacher survived the heat of the sun. It is very healthy. Luckily, the kangkong leaves do not greatly affected by the heat of the sun. And it grows healthier because of the pouring rains sometimes.

Other plants that non-teaching and non-advisers are planting are the bitter gourd and bottle gourd. Luckily, these plants are surviving even the heat of the sun is scorching. The bitter gourd bears fruits already but because of too much heat, the fruits it bears are not that pleasing or long but still, it has the same taste. The bottle gourd also bears fruits but it has shorter fruit compared to those that had enough rain or water.

The shady area of the vine plants made it a good place where students can stay and relax. One of my co-teacher poses in the shade of the vines which can be a shield to the scorching heat of the sun.

My co-teacher poses at the vineyards

Indeed, it was fun being in the school and teaching the students how to do the planting. This activity will not only give them an idea of how to make a living but will surely help them to survive in this world.

Our strong determination to achieve this goal is one of our motivations for doing the task. I am very much thankful to my advisory class for helping in maintaining the plants. This idea will not be realized also without the help of my co-teachers and our principal who always make follow-ups to us in our garden needs.

Helping each other will make a better garden in school. If we can do this, I know a lot of garden lovers out there will greatly contribute to a healthier world.

This post is my entry to the Creative Garden Challenge in June in #HiveGarden Community.

I am inviting @melit79 to this challenge.

Have a nice day everyone!

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Your garden is beautiful! How wonderful for the children! In the US, school children hardly ever leave the buildings, and certainly rarely do tasks like these. Thank you for doing this work. It is very valuable.

Thank you so much for appreciating. Gardening helps a lot of Filipinos here in the Philippines.

Gosh, I remember my high school days. Those times na kami ang magbubungkal ng lupa to plant some seeds. It's kinda tiring but fun truly a fun experience as a teen.

You harvested a lot, seems like their pagod was finally pai off ❤️🤩✨

Thank you @ruffatotmeee. Yes, paid off talaga ang pagod after that marvelous harvest we had.

What a bountiful harvest mam. Ka healthy sa inyong vegetables. Nice kaau tan awn.

Thank you ma'am. Nice kaayo ang feeling kung maka harvest na @missleray 😊

Wew! Great Gulayan sa Paaralan. Are you the coordinator of this sis? Congratulations for having a beautiful garden in school with your amazing students.

All of the teachers are given a little space to maintain sis. Our school principal provide the idea of our school garden.

Kahealthy bas mga veggies ma'am pwede ta mangayo ana after indulging myself this week sa mga oily foods huhu

Hehe thank you @aquilaemax for appreciating 😊

It's so fulfilling to see your plants bear crops that you can sell or eat later. I am happy to know that the school is supportive of this initiative. This creates a positive bond between the students and teachers. Congrats on the successful garden :))

Thank you @cli4d. I'm so glad that the students help in the maintennance of the garden.