Planting Papaya using soil that I prepared myself.

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Everything is an experiment, isn't it a good thing when we are not afraid to try and can accept all possibilities rather than never trying at all, it seems very embarrassing and I don't want that to happen in my life because time continues to pass. Actually, I have successfully tried to plant papaya tree seeds in ordinary soil without any mixture, and the fruit is very dense even though the tree looks short, but that's how humans want more and more to achieve.

Now I will try to plant papaya seeds by mixing humus soil with rice husks, the dosage is 3 : 1: 1, meaning 3 buckets of soil mixed with 1 bucket of rice husks and 1 bucket of compost from animal waste. Then all the ingredients were mixed together and stirred until evenly distributed, then I put the soil into the leftover rice sack and I also put some in a polybag.

The steps I take to plant these seeds after mixing the soil are:
1. Put the soil into the rice bag up to half the rice bag

2. Then take the papaya seeds that are in the white plastic nursery plastic

3. Then remove the seed from the plastic by gently tearing the plastic so that the roots of the papaya seed do not disperse from the soil, so that the papaya seed does not experience stress when planted.

4. After putting the papaya seeds into the sack, add the soil mixed with the rice husks until it fills the rice sack.

5. And so on until all the papaya seeds have been planted.

People who are experts in growing papaya can definitely differentiate between male papaya trees and female papaya trees, but I don't really care about that, because if the papaya tree is female and bears fruit I can consume it as fruit. and if my papaya tree is male and blooms I can also use this, this is my wife's favorite, she will be happy to process these papaya flowers into spicy vegetable preparations with a mixture of tauco and shrimp or tempeh. This papaya flower will not taste bitter if it is processed properly.

So, I'll just present this for now, next month I will tell you all again how my papaya tree grows with a soil mixture like this. Thank you for reading my blog, let's exchange experiences in planting papaya, if we have new knowledge in papaya gardening. Happy greetings from me Tomidiwirja, Indonesia


that’s great and youre not afraid to be failed. Let’s see the update and hope the papaya plants are growing well.

I love that soil mixture that you made, I think I am going to try it too.

Yes thank you. You can also burn the rice husks first to make it better for the plants. but I do not unusual....rice? for what?

why rice?
not rice but rice husks.
so that there is a cavity in the soil so that it is always loose and the soil does not become easily compacted.

ahh... I've got it! but still very unusual!