Eat Sate as Dinner Menu

Good evening all friends, especially in this community. How are you tonight. Hope we are all in good health, and have a good rest after a day of activities from each other's work, hopefully tonight will be a beautiful night.


a few days ago I had an appointment with friends, to meet and we chose a place to relax and chat, and we agreed a good place to relax by the beach, and I left my residence around three in the afternoon, and far from the meeting place with my house is about 30 kg , and a little slow on the way because the traffic is a bit congested.


and I arrived at the appointment at 15:40 about 30 minutes on a motorbike, and when I got there my friend had already arrived waiting for me, about an hour and a half talking, we went home because it was getting late, and I went home and filled up vehicle oil, because it was getting dark and my stomach felt very hungry, so I stopped at the shop.


and I stopped at the apanu satay rice stall, satay is meat that is skewered on bamboo that has been sharpened and pointed and then grilled. This grilled satay meat is usually mutton but now many people use mutton, the price of one satay is around Rp. 5000 one skewer of meat is three pieces, and this satay is eaten with rice and peanut sauce that has been mixed, and there is also soto sauce eaten with rice, the taste is very delicious, I want the taste to finish everything that has been served, but limited money, I eat not much.


thank you to all friends who have visited my post, and I hope all friends like it, best regards from me @afkar86, wish us all success